Thursday, September 04, 2014

What We've Been Seeing

Here are a few of the sights from the past week or so. Still working with a broken camera that seems to be deteriorating beyond its broken on/off switch.
Three Avocets

Cedar Waxwing

Lenticular Formation

Lots of birds on the tower

Foggy Morning an hour past sunrise

Giant Fire in Happy Camp sending smoke west to the coast

That smoke in the skies here an hour before sunset


  1. When I heard about that fire in Happy Camp, I immediately thought of you and roger and your family. It's startling to know that the smoke has drifted all the way to Arcata. The fires come in the most beautiful time of year. We are all so vulnerable, and we are more than that, too.

  2. The image of the Waxwing's not too shabby. Maybe the camera's still got some life left in it.

    Of course, as soon as you want the camera for something special, it will give up the ghost. Better not rely on it. On our first visit to the Grand Canyon, the connection between the on-off switch and the shutter release on our camera went haywire; I could still take pictures by pointing the camera and then turning the camera on (which instantly tripped the shutter). Most of the pictures I took were half-decent, but more than a few were blurry because I couldn't hold the camera steady enough while I turned the camera on. We bought a new camera (in Farmington, NM) after that incident.

  3. Got tickled at the mass meeting on the tower. That must be the local hot spot for birds.
    The foggy morning is just lovely. Camera seems to be hanging on.
    Hope the smoke isn't too bad. Stay safe.

  4. You're still getting some nice results with that camera. Are those starlings on the tower or some local speciality?

  5. am-- That fire keeps growing and growing. This morning it was more than 80,000 acres. Everyone is safe.

    Scott-- I went to the store yesterday and actually held a new Panasonic Lumix and a Canon. They both seemed quite good, although it's hard to tell how each would work in trying to photograph a halo or arc. Now I am going to do just a little more online research to compare them, and then I'll buy one. Glad you liked that waxwing pic. I hadn't seen one in years!

    Arkansas Patti-- We usually walk much closer to that particular tower, but that evening we had ridden our bikes out to the marsh, so we took a shorter path. Had I been closer, oooh what a moment! Smoky again on Thursday, but not too bad.

    John-- I wish I knew what kind of birds these were. We were too far to get an identifying shot. I actually used the digital zoom for that photo, something I hadn't done before. It was a 48X shot.

  6. There are so many wondrous moments to grace a day. Yesterday I woke early to find that two little finches were hanging on the window screen eating seeds from the tall pale blue saliva that Trace had planted for me last season. What a thrill---not more than two feet away and completely unafraid.

  7. karmanot-- What a beautiful sight that must have been. And knowing that Trace planted the salvia that drew them there was like a gift sent a while ago and received just yesterday morning. So lovely.

  8. Hoping you find THE camera for photographing iridescence, which, when it visits in all it's evanescent beauty as it did this evening, reminds me of your pictures. The birds on the tower are fine, too. Hope the fire will be put out soon.

  9. Great photographs. I know the birds are not technically on a wire, but the picture still sent Leonard Cohen's song through my head. Not a bad thing.

  10. Minnie-- I can't begin to tell you what it means to me to know that seeing iridescent clouds made you think of my photos. Thank you for that. Fire is now almost 100,000 acres and only 25% contained. It's a big long battle.

    NCmountainwoman-- So glad you liked the photos. I thought of "Bird on Wire" too when I photographed that amazing flock. A very good thing!