Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

These are a few of the birds we've been seeing here on our walks at the marsh and in our little neighborhood. It's a wonderful thing to notice the little wildlife all around us.
White-crowned sparrow

Our first Bonaparte Gull (rare here on the coast)

Heron with the cows
Belted Kingfisher

House finch

Difference in size between a Snowy Egret and a Great Egret
We'd like to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving. Thank you for stopping by to read our words and see our photos. We are grateful for your presence and kindness in our lives.


  1. A white-crowned sparrow touched down in Cley, Norfolk some years ago - you can read what happened here:

  2. I loved the photographs, especially the herons. Hope you and Roger have a most wonderful Thanksgiving.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to both of you. Glad you have found the place you want to be-- next comes the right home there.

  4. Nice set of bird photos
    Happy T. Day!

  5. beautiful photos, Robin. quite the variety there. even the bovine kind.
    Your words are so sweet, and full of love. I hope you and Roger enjoy your Thanksgiving to the max. Steve and I send our love to you guys!

  6. John-- That is such a great link! Thank you so much for that. I photographed this little WC sparrow through our living room window.

    NCMountainwoman-- We've been seeing lots of egrets and herons at the marsh. Such elegant birds when they fly. The heron in the field with the cows is right around the corner from us. Such a delight.

    Rain-- Thank you for that. We do love being here, and we are practicing patience for finding the home of our dreams.

    Ontario Wanderer-- Thank you.

    Tara-- I hope you clicked on the pics. They're BIG! We're pretty grateful for all that we have. We send our love to you and Steve.

    Dave-- Thank you! That kingfisher was a delight to hear too!

  7. A very Happy Thanksgiving to you and Roger and all your friends and family! Enjoy this day and every day!

  8. I have not seen a kingfisher in years! fun birds to watch. thanks always for the words and images and for sharing your beautiful world. I am grateful for the connection.

  9. So much in life to be grateful for, especially the beauty of birds. Kind wishes on Thanksgiving and always!

  10. So glad to see you graced with some beautiful birdies. Happy Thanksgiving! I got beautiful looks at two early tree sparrows and a very late eastern Phoebe today, and felt so thankful. xoxjz

  11. Sky-- We love being back at the coast and seeing the birds that make their home here. Glad we could share it with you.

    am-- Thank you for your good wishes.

    Julie-- We do see some wonderful birds here. I checked the bird list at the local marsh, and it said that 307 species have been sighted there. Not sure how accurate that is, but wow! Thank you for your good wishes.

  12. Sure like the photos, especially that kingfisher. Every once in a while I see one here in Seattle, but it's a rare and wonderful occasion. Usually we hear them!

  13. isabelita-- First time we ever saw a kingfisher was in Port Townsend. They really are such interesting birds, and we love hearing the sounds they make.

  14. They are all great photos and I love the the kingfisher with the punk rock hairdo...

  15. Pat-- Yes! That kingfisher was really far away. I didn't see the punk hairdo until I downloaded the pics. Cook punky bird!