Saturday, December 20, 2014

arcata garden!

we have been in arcata 6 months now in a rented house, checking out every house that comes up for sale. some are interesting but not quite it. many are too expensive and/or too big. some are not even interesting. 

we have had large flower and vegetable gardens for many years. our rental has a large enough back yard and suitable southern exposure for a garden. but we were optimistic that we could find a house to buy before a garden would get far along, so we put off garden thoughts.

we do walk a lot and shortly after we arrived we noticed freshly planted chard and kale starts in local gardens. all sorts of flowers. pumpkins. we looked longingly but consoled ourselves with visions of our own garden soon to be. as the months went by we noticed that the stuff we saw freshly planted was yielding produce and flowers.

tasty organic locally grown produce is readily available. we eat well. but growing your own has benefits beyond nutrition.

the other day, in the wonderful, but sometimes abused, local tradition of putting out free stuff, someone put out, among a highly varied offering, some large grow pots. maybe 3 gallons each, made of lightweight black plastic. easy enough to carry 4 blocks to home. we succumbed to the lure of gardening.

the food coop still has plant starts. so we have 6 beginning red chard plants. out in the rain for their first watering. they will go under shelter if the rain gets heavy.


  1. Mark-- We've had that cactus for close to 20 years. My father actually dug that plant out of its desert home when it was very tiny. We inherited when my mom moved from the desert in 1995. It has made every move with us and has managed to stay alive, although a bit bedraggled by all its change in environments. Interestingly, right now it has two flower buds getting closer to blooming. First time in all the years we've had it. Not sure what about this crazy climate it likes, but it surely likes something.

  2. Container gardening tastes just as good. Nice find.

  3. Arkansas Patti-- We're looking forward to delicious fresh chard!