Monday, December 29, 2014

Post #77 for 2014!

We did it! We topped the number of posts that we had done 2012 and 2013. When I changed the blog archive format and could see in the cold hard numbers how much our blogging had declined from those early heady days of 2005-2010, I was shocked (and dismayed). Only 67 in 2012 and 76 in 2013. Yikes, where had our creativity gone? I think I remember a few years back contemplating doing one post a week. Yeah, I could do that and still keep the blog going. But when I looked at the numbers, I thought, there must be more we could say, do, photograph, contemplate, consider, and dream. So, I set a small goal, more blog posts than 2013. We did it!
Varied Thrush on the fence in the yard
There is always something worth looking at and photographing right outside the window, like this beautiful Varied Thrush (one of my most favorite birds). Or, even on a foggy day when the weather report promised us a day of sunshine after weeks of gray and rain, we find a reflection in the high tide that wavers gently in the breeze that makes us glad we took the walk anyway (click on the pic!).

Tower and reflection during a high King Tide
And because the year is not yet over, there will probably be one more on Wednesday. We're on a roll. I think the goal for 2015 will be two posts a week. What do you think? Too much? We'll keep you posted. LOL!

We thank you thank you for your comments and for stopping by. We appreciate your presence immensely.


  1. Congrats on topping your goal. I'm still stuck on once a week and admirer your pluck.
    That Varied Thrush is a stunning bird. Love the coloring
    and that may be the best reflection shot I have ever seen. Well done on both.

  2. Post away, and keep illustrating with your terrific photos!
    Your writing is so enjoyable.

  3. Congratulations! Looking forward to more posts in the coming year.

  4. ANY post from you guys is worth waiting for, so more is even better. I'm glad you're still around the blogosphere.

  5. Arkansas Patti-- Your once-a-week story telling is worth a whole week of writing! So glad you liked the photos.

    isabelita-- I'm really going to try to post twice a week, even if one of those posts is just a Wordless Wednesday!

    John-- Thank you!

    Pablo-- Thank you for that too. I'm glad we're still reading each other's blogs after all these years.

  6. Over the years this post has been an anchor for positive energy----tales, beautiful pictures, great commenters,news and skyward delights. Happy New Year!
    ps send me your e-mail address. I lost it and wanted to send you a note! xxxxoooo m

  7. Yay!!! So grateful for the presence of you and roger all these years through your writing and photos. Good to see the Varied Thrush and the salt water reflection today.

    I love when I can look outside and seeing the birds in the trees and bushes and sky. It's sunny and cloudless and cold here this morning. The pond is frozen. I heard a Flicker a few minutes ago.

  8. Congratutaltions and keep it up. Thanks to your blog I am discovering a world I would otherwise never get a chance to visit and see.

  9. Congratulations for reaching your goal! I love the wordless Wednesday pictures. I sometimes think what would I put in a blog that wouldn't be boring? I do think writing is like other pursuits, the more one does it, the better one becomes at it. Happy New Year!!

  10. Glad you made your goal and we are the ones who benefited. I love the tower reflection. Gorgeous.

  11. MandT-- Thank you for your kind words. We are always happy to share the stuff that makes our hearts soar.

    am-- It is sunny and cloudless here too. Many days ahead of freezing nights and blue sky days. Always a wonderful thing.

    Sabine-- I think that's the best part of blogging. We get to "know" some corners of the world from the perspective of its loving inhabitants. It makes the world seem a little cozier.

    lindaj-- Wordless Wednesday is fun! I don't have to think about anything, which is always good for me.

    NCmountainwoman-- So glad you liked that photo. We watched the changing reflection and it was quite beautiful. I made a little video of it. A lovely shifting image.

  12. It is always nice to reach a goal. Congrats! The photo of the tower and it's reflection is really cool. It looks like an optical illusion...

  13. Pat-- It does look like an optical illusion. I hadn't thought of it that way.