Thursday, December 04, 2014


wednesday morning over tea and toast, which we enjoy while still abed, robin told me that her morning check of weather and tide indicated a very high tide and possibility of flooding. and that the very high tide is happening NOW.

i said "wow. extra high tide. let's go to the marsh!" the only question was should we go in our jammies. we got properly dressed. so we went and noted the water level higher than we had ever seen.

i should explain that the arcata marsh, a wonderful civic amenity, is on the northern edge of humboldt bay and has lovely walking trails on the levees seperating the bay from the sewage treatment ponds. really, it is a beautiful place. award winning.

one last picture as we were leaving. we did get out of the car and walk around a bit but it was raining so we didn't linger. this was at 8:30 am.

the floating dock was down about four feet from its level this morning. this was taken at about 3:30 pm. note the white part of the post with the sign. completely covered in the high tide picture. the vast tidal flat doesn't show the full range of the water level. there is a nine foot tidal difference.



  1. Wow! Nine feet in less than twelve hours?! Obviously the almost-full moon was a factor, but was part of it the storm blowing in?
    Enjoy the blessed rain!

  2. Worth getting up for to see then. I do the same with floods round here on the Thames

  3. Glad you got out of your jammies and took a look. That is some high tide. I can see the advantage of a floating dock.

  4. I always look out for high tides around here as it often drives the wading birds from the mudflats in close to the shore. Try
    to see what I mean.

  5. Wow! That is a really big high tide. Awesome, amazing and scary at the same time.

  6. CCorax-- It was actually 9 feet in seven hours! A pretty dramatic swing. This was a slight minus tide.

    Bill-- Yes, it really was worth getting out of bed to take a look. We loved it.

    Arkansas Patti-- We were really glad we decided to go out in the rain to take a look, even if it mean leaving our very comfy warm bed!

    John-- That is such a great link! Thank you for that. We've seen a lot of shearwaters flying over Monterey Bay (hundreds of thousands), but never a shoreline gathering like these wading birds. Truly a stunning sight.

    Pat-- We always loved the minus tides in Capitola, and now we love the really high tides here. Makes me think about how cool the Bay of Fundy must be.

  7. We're so far inland that tides are pretty much foreign to us. Those very large swings in tide level are impressive. I saw something like that in Skerries in Ireland. The tide was out and there were lots of sailboats stuck on the mudflat. Most of them have dual keels so they won't tip over at low tide.

  8. Mark-- We've never seen the tides this high here. It's been interesting. We got a different look at it while driving back from Eureka on Friday. There were places that it was pretty obvious if there hadn't a berm the highway would have been under water. Pretty impressive stuff. Of course we loved it.