Wednesday, December 10, 2014

When It Rains

California is expecting a huge storm over the next 48 hours. It is predicted to be serious and damaging, the biggest to hit the state in years.

Here are few images from the National Weather Service and local newspapers to give you an idea of what the online reporting and warnings looks like.

This is a weather map of northern California from the NWS. Here on the north coast we're expecting high surf and high winds. We're going to get rain, but not as much as the bay area, Sacramento Valley, and the Sierra foothills.
The San Francisco Chronicle had this photo and headline on their front page. When it rains in California after years of drought, there is much to plan for: flooding, trees falling, mudslides, and power outages. A big storm like this would have scared us if we were still living in the foothills, where they are expecting five inches of rain. We're feeling relatively safe here in our little town, pretty far from possible floods and falling trees.
This lovely photo and headline is from the Sacramento Bee. I grabbed it because I really liked the artistry of it!  The LA Times reported, "The winter storm also has an "atmospheric river" which can be up to 400 miles wide, move with weather and can cause major flooding when it stalls over an area... The weather service describes atmospheric rivers as relatively narrow regions in the atmosphere responsible for transporting water vapor horizontally outside the tropics." I read on Wikipedia that an atmospheric river can carry a greater influx of water than the Amazon River.

I'm sure you'll hear about this on the news and read about it in your local newspapers. California is about to be slammed by a huge storm, and unlike an earthquake, we are being forewarned. I think we're ready. We'll keep you posted.


  1. Keep safe. By the look of the gale warnings the photo of all those umbrellas may be underestimating the problem. High winds and exceptionally high tides are also forecast for Scotland and the north of England today.

  2. Well we were supposed to have aweather bomb yesterday but I did not see much eveidence of that butthey they never do seem to be able to get it right over here at the moment

  3. Warm (and dry) wishes coming your way. (My little Ozark lake could use a 5 inch rain storm.)

  4. That's going to be some storm. We haven't had a really bad storm in a long time.

  5. John-- The rain has just started and the radar is showing a pretty good deluge heading our way. We're ready. Sure hope all goes well in Scotland and northern England today.

    Bill-- I've been wondering if the news and weather people don't know how to report on weather anymore. I don't remember people getting so crazy excited years ago.

    Pablo-- If this storm blows through the way they're predicting, I wouldn't be surprised if some of it winds up in your beautiful lake. That would be very cool.

    Mark-- It's starting to come through here right now. I've got our rain gauge set up. I can't wait to see what we get!

  6. In Forestville it has been pouring none stop for the past 12 hours. ----keeping an eye on the acacia tree, which wants to fall on the house....

  7. mandt-- The news from the bay area, particularly in the north. has been very bad. Lots of flooding, power outages, road closures, and falling trees. We managed to come through very well here. A little more than two inches of rain. Hope that acacia tree stays standing and that you get through the storm in one piece. Thinking of you.