Monday, January 12, 2015

Halfway Home

Here we are back in Capitola before the 350 mile journey north to Arcata. We had a wonderful visit with my mom. The hardest part of the trip is saying good-bye to her at the door, as she watches us walk down the hallway to the elevators at the assisted living facility where she lives. But we said our tearful farewells and zoomed up the highway to our midway point.
The skies looked different here on the trip north. None of that dazzling color or deep pink sea to pull us outside at sunrise. And yet, this crazy bluish bank of fog stretching across the bay had me standing in the darkness before dawn trying to get a photo. Someday maybe I'll learn how to take photos in the dark. Later in the early morning, the fog came in and hung above the bay, turning the world into a black and white photo.

It's really lovely being back here this time of the year. Tomorrow morning when we hit the road, it will be the anniversary of our very first date. Roger and I met on New Year's Eve 1988-89 and had dinner together on January 13th 26 years ago. We've written about that first date here on the blog. I'll just say we were not on our best behavior, but rather chose to be our rather blunt and candid selves. That worked out quite well!

We have a long drive ahead of us in the morning, up through San Francisco over the Golden Gate Bridge and 265 miles further through the wine country and behind the redwood curtain. Then, home.


  1. Happy anniversary! And for someone who claims not to know how to take photos in the dark, you gave us a pretty good one.

  2. One word, Tripod go buy one then you should be able to get some better night shots. Safe trip home

  3. Bill beat me to it: Tripod.

    I laughed when I read this: "I'll just say we were not on our best behavior, but rather chose to be our rather blunt and candid selves. That worked out quite well!" I'm not much of a movie watcher, so by amazing coincidence, last night (I'm not making this up!) saw "When Harry Met Sally" for the first time.
    I can only imagine the ripostes you and Roger exchanged!

  4. The pictures are nice. It's hard to get a night shot without image noise under even the best of circumstances. I like the fog shot.

    It made me kind of sad imagining your farewell to your mother.

  5. It is always sad leaving our loved ones, especially our senior ones. You are a good daughter to make the long trip.
    That fog was quite impressive. Like a heavy blanket so close to the water.
    Most people have problems remembering wedding anniversaries. You guys remember your first date. You set the bar high.

  6. Always difficult to say goodbye. So glad you enjoyed the visit and are having a good trip home.

  7. Sabine-- Thank you!

    Bill-- I may have to try a tripod some time. I think we may even have one.

    CCorax-- I love thinking about that scene in "When Harry Met Sally" -- it's so funny. Roger and I both had come from other marriages and had decided to just be our regular selves. It really made a difference.

    Mark-- It makes me sad to think about those good byes. I'm trying to figure out how we can all live closer. I told her, "I don't want to live in the Los Angeles area, and you don't want to live this far north. What are we going to do? I want us to be closer." We're going to work on it.

    Arkansas Patti-- It is hard to say good bye to our loved ones. I wish my mom and I loved much closer to each other. 700 miles is quite a distance. Roger and I remember the date because it was the second Friday after New Years, and it was a Friday the 13th. Also, I am a date fanatic!

    NCmountainwoman-- It is a heartbreak to say goodbye. I'm already thinking about a Mother's Day trip, and a big party in September for her birthday. We did have a very safe and long trip home.

    Dave-- Fog is definitely interesting.