Sunday, January 04, 2015

One Day Midway

We are driving south to see my mother. It's a 700 mile (1126 km) journey. So we always stop at the halfway point in Capitola at Roger's family beach house. It's been in the family since his grandparents bought it in 1938. Nowadays their great-great grandchildren come and play here. That's the grand gift of longevity.
We woke Sunday morning to this sunrise. It's always beautiful and awesome out there.
I zoomed in a bit to see what those colors really looked like.
Then later, there were some spectacular iridescent clouds. The one I really wanted got away from me, although I do have nine very out-of-focus photos with hints of very grand colors. I did get a second chance a little while late and got this one.
We were lucky enough for our very brief visit to overlap with a significant minus tide. My twin brother came to visit, and he and Roger and I went to see the fossils. We were utterly surprised to see how much sand had washed away in the latest rain storms. We hadn't seen this many tidepools and rocks in a very long time.

On Monday we drive the next 350 miles. We know this stretch of highway very well. It's like an old friend.


  1. please come and see us here....steve tara

  2. Fossils, besides being one I have a few tucked away that I must take a few photos of and show. Your lucky to have a place like that with such beautiful views and sunsets

  3. spectacular sky! How fantastic that your visit coincided with a minus time. I stayed an extra day to catch one last year. Took L and E out to see the tide pools at Cap Beach, and they were amazing.

  4. Is it possible that iridescent clouds are a phenomenon of areas close to oceans? I have looked and looked here in the Midwest and I have yet to see one.

  5. Wow! What amazing images! Enjoy your travels; and thanks for sharing the experience--keep it up!

  6. What a great half way stop. I might be tempted to visit there a lot. That sunrise is spectacular. Enjoy the visit with your Mother.

  7. Wow! What a surrise! Great shot!

  8. It's been too long since I've been to the beach. Your photos are telling me to get myself down there as soon as appointments are over :)

  9. What a gorgeous place. And how nice your brother could join you. Enjoy your visit.

  10. Sky-- Thank you! We're having fun!

    Steve-- Okay!

    Bill-- I would love to see the fossils you have collected. I hope you do a post on them.

    Tara-- It really was a stunning sunrise. I remember when you took the family to Capitola for the minus tide. It's such a grand thing.

    Pablo-- No it doesn't have anything to do with oceans. I photographed most of the iridescent clouds I have ever seen in the Sierra foothills. The secret is to look at clouds closest to the sun. You have to protect your eyes and not look directly at the sun. I usually put a rooftop between me and the direct sunlight with enough sky and cloud to see the formation. Try it!

    John-- Glad you liked the photos. We always love stopping in at the family beach house for night or two to split up the long drive.

    Arkansas Patti-- We do like staying at the family beach house. Roger has been going there all his life. It's quite an old funky amazing place.

    Mark-- It was a wonderful sight to wake up to! We loved it.

    Rain- There really is something about the ocean that calls to me. I have always loved it. Hope you get to go there soon.

    NCmountainwoman-- It was a grand visit with my brother. We laughed for a really long time. We are now spending a few days in southern CA with my mom. It's wonderful to be with her.

  11. So, so beautiful! Just looking at those colors makes my heart sing. I wish you a happy visit and an equally spectacular drive home.
    Pablo, my experience is that the day has to have low humidity in addition to the clouds in the sky, something more common in California than in the midwest or western Mass. Last night, it was bitterly cold and dry, with huge clouds being chased across the full moon. There was iridescence in the clouds. So even reflected sunlight works. Keep looking! If you have glasses that get dark in sunlight, or if you use polarizing sunglasses, the color might be easier to see.

  12. CCorax-- We're having a wonderful visit with my mom. Can't believe these crazy warm temperatures here. It was 80 degrees yesterday. Glad you liked the pics!

  13. Gorgeous photos Robin! Your halfway stopover looks amazing. That 700 mile drive can take days if you stop at all the beautiful places along the way.

  14. Pat-- We love stopping in Capitola. Roger's been going to that house since before he was born!