Sunday, January 18, 2015


We've been back in Arcata for a couple of days now, getting back into the flow of life after our 1400 mile (2253 km) journey. The last 100 miles heading north is a bit more challenging than all the rest. We tend to be more tired and that's when the road curves and winds around the mountains and redwood trees before opening up into the beautiful stretch of Humboldt Bay and the Pacific Ocean. The road signs keep us informed of just how far we have to go. It always takes longer than we think it will.

It was rainy and gray for the first few days after we got home. Not particularly inviting for the long walk we wanted to take.

On Sunday the sun came out and the temps warmed up. We were ready to reacquaint ourselves with the blue skies and the bright clear air of the north coast.

Everywhere we looked we saw reflections.

We wondered if the walk on this day was mirroring a bit of our reflective selves after such a journey.


  1. After so long a car trip, I am sure you were itching to walk. Too bad the weather didn't cooperate.

  2. It's not the reflections I saw (they are good) it's the stumps, they looks like some of placed them there

  3. Wonderful reflections. Photographs and narratives.

  4. Goodness, that is a long trip. Always nice to get home again and on your own schedule or lack of schedule again isn't it?
    That tower reflection is amazing.

  5. kenju-- We were so happy to have a sunny day for a long walk.

    Bill -- The stumps are part of the Arcata marsh, which was once a lumber mill. They were definitely placed there.

    NCmountainwoman-- Glad you liked them.

    Rain-- Thank you.

    Arkansas Patti-- Yes, it is a very long and tiring trip. We are always glad to get home and back to our routines. So glad you liked that tower pic. Me too!

  6. beautiful reflections - and like Patti, I find that tower pic especially wonderful. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for more sunny north coast skies. Welcome home.

  7. MandT-- Back to a place of comfort and routine. We are grateful.

    Tara-- So glad you liked that tower photo. I couldn't believe that I could see the whole thing like that. It's what inspired me to take more reflection photos. I'm hoping for sunny skies while you are here!

  8. That's a nice series of shots. It's neat to get a related set like that.

  9. love all the reflections, hope we get more sunshine.

  10. A lumber mill in a marsh?! It's refreshing to see an undervalued natural feature go back to its natural state. The third photo looks like the uprights are supports for a pier, but what do you imagine was being supported by the uprights in the first photo? Whatever it was, it must have been holding a lot of weight. Is there any documented history, or maybe old photos of the mill?

  11. Mark-- The reflections were pretty inspiring. I was glad to notice that tower and then see reflections all along the walk.

    Nora-- Someone posted a link to an old Rod Stewart classic "Mandolin Wind" the other day. The first lines have stuck with me:
    "When the rains came
    I thought you'd leave
    Because I knew how much
    You loved the sun.."
    That could be the song of my life these past few years!

    CCorax-- I know! A lumber mill in a marsh? Here's a little blurb about it and the link to the full article:
    "In 1974, before this began, the area where the Arcata Marsh Interpretive Center (AMIC) now stands was surrounded by a derelict lumber mill with a log-filled marsh, cracking concrete and an unkempt landfill, affectionately known as Mt. Trashmore."
    Here's the link to the whole story. It's pretty interesting.

  12. I just want to quickly note WOW! about that article. It really is amazing how the marsh was reclaimed. I wish that stories like that were front page news across the nation so that the rest of us could find heart in our battle against awful odds to save the environment.