Saturday, February 28, 2015

End of February Photos

Just some of the photos that didn't make it into a blog post this month. Farewell to February.
American Avocet

The fog coming in

Marsh Wren

Sunrise looking east

Sunrise looking west

Red-shouldered hawk
Moon, Venus, and Mars
Yellow-rumped Warbler


  1. Birds and skies - always a good combination. our Avocets and Wrens are, each in their own way, two of my favourite birds so it's nice to see the Stateside versions.

  2. Moon, Venus and Mars, how stunning!

  3. I viewed the night sky last night and Venus was glowing brightly. Or was it Mars? Oh, I don't know!

    Love your photos -- than wren is gorgeous and she sings away. On to March!

  4. John-- I'm going to look google around to see if I can find pics of Avocets there. I would love to see how much they look like the ones here.

    Sabine-- It was quite a lovely evening for seeing the planets and moon like that. We loved it.

    Tara-- It was probably Venus. Mars is very small and shines in a light reddish way. So glad you liked these pics. Always something beautiful going on.

  5. Lucky you to have a clear sky to view the planets. Had to click on the picture to see Mars. We have been overcast for most of 2015.
    Loved that pinky purple sunrise.

  6. Love the shot of the Avocet. Maybe it will be Malheur when I get down there soon.

  7. Arkansas Patti-- Yes, we've had some beautiful clear skies. We've been very lucky. So glad you liked the pics. Yes, mars is pretty small.

    Loren-- I hope you do get to see the Avocet. I had been missing them lately and was so glad that they've migrated back here for spring and summer.

  8. Beautiful series of photos.

  9. We really liked the moon and planets shot. Leah wants to try to get some pictures like that. How did you do it?

  10. OK, Andrea Robin, I took the plunge last night and ordered the Lumix DMC-FZ70. I have been very curious about what rambles around in the backyard at night so I also ordered a "trail camera".

    I loved seeing your American Avocet. We think we saw some 35-40 years ago on the Outer Banks of NC through a cheap spotting scope. We could not make out their upturned beaks, but they were in their black and white winter plummage and apparently in "leg deep" water. We were trying to make ducks out of them, but they did not bob up and down on the water!

    And your Kite is wonderful.

    We've have had a female Baltimore Oriole at the feeders the last 5 days. We have seen just a few in early winter over the past 40 years. This one has been a delight. Glad she is hanging around. Hope she's still here when the new camera arrives and I can get back to blogging.

    My best to the both of you,


  11. Robin, Roger a question: How do you get a personal avatar? I get only a Google sign on some sites, even though I have a Bodhi avatar as my Google avatar. I have tried Googling for instructions, but end up confounded by what must be a simple solution. M

  12. Mark-- I took several shots of the moon and planets on just a standard P setting on my Panasonic Lumix. They al looked much darker than the night sky actually was. I also tried one setting that was called "Night Scenery." I had a feeling it would make the photo look to much like daylight, which it did. But I was able to Photoshop it a bit to darken it, so that it looked more like what our eyes actually saw. It was dusk, we could see the outline of the whole moon, we could see Venus quite brightly, and Mars a soft small reddish glow. The sky itself was not dark but still had a bit of bluish color just before darkness. I really don't know photography, but I do know a bit about Photoshop, so I could edit the photo just enough to make it look like what we saw.

    Aubrey-- I hope you love the camera! I have found that it takes amazingly excellent close-up photos. The 180 dpi really makes quite difference in details. It has not let me down, and if I knew more about photography, I think the camera would do wonderful things.

    The avocets spend quite a bit of time on the north coast of California. There really is something about them that is quite beautiful.

    Good luck with the camera!

    MandT-- I really don't remember how we got personal avatars. I'll have to hunt around. It may be through gmail or the vast connections of google in everything. I'll let you know if I figure it out.

  13. Great photographs once again. I do so love the wren. They are adorable whether in the marsh or here in NC.

  14. Gorgeous photos Robin! You've got a lot of good photo ops up there.

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