Monday, February 02, 2015

Imagining A Hawk Conversation

We went out to the marsh on a brilliantly clear blue-sky day over the weekend. The sun sparkled on the water, and people milled about everywhere enjoying the warm sunshiny day.
The tide was midway between high and low, and there weren't very many birds around. Neither the divers or dabblers found this particular tide level appealing. Oh well. We sure liked the sunshine so we went for a nice long walk.
We saw a red-shouldered hawk fly to a tree across one of the ponds from us. It was pretty far away, but I focused my camera on that beauty and clicked. It called out, and another hawk answered.
Whoa! The answer came from not more than 20 feet above our heads. I strained my poor arthritic neck to see this bird. I couldn't believe we had passed it right by. It let us stand there and take a few photos of it, chatting with its mate across the pond.

They were probably talking about the weather and the tides, or the little critters they were hoping to find later, or complimenting each other on their beautiful red-shoulders. Or maybe they were saying, "What is it with these strange creatures and their cameras, always looking up at us and making a fuss. Sure wish we could eat them. We'd be full for a year!" LOL. I love imagining bird conversations.


  1. Look at that blue sky! When it's that blue here in the northern Piedmont in the winter (like it was on Saturday), it's unbearably cold. I like your combination of blue skies and warm temperatures better.

    I don't know if the hawks were fantasizing about making a meal of you, but at the very least they probably wish that they didn't have to contend with human interruptions.

  2. Gorgeous photographs. Not only do I give conversations to the birds I see, I make up stories about abandoned houses and old cemeteries.

  3. If you hold your talons out just right the humans look like tiny mice from up here.

  4. Scott-- We love a blue sky like this and warm temps. It doesn't happen often here, but when it does, it's grand.

    NCmountainwoman-- So glad you like these pics. I love knowing that you make up stories too. Ah, the creative mind!

    RPowers-- Yes, that seems right to me!

  5. Beautiful birds! So, now it's raining, eh? Good thing you got out into the sun while you could. Carpe Diem.

  6. Of course, talking birds, is there any other kind? Cute post robin and I loved those blue skies that you and the hawks enjoyed.

  7. Tara-- We've gotten more than 1 1/2 inches. We need it, but I like the sun much better!

    Dave-- Ah yes, definitely hawk love.

    Arkansas Patti-- We love talking birds. These two had quite a conversation. The skies are gray now, so we're glad we took these pics to remind us.

  8. Nothing like conversations on the trail to calm the soul. The other day on the Joe Rodota Trail i heard a crow and a tree frog in recitative. Ca Ca----Burap, Burap.

  9. I think we have more red tailed hawks here in Georgia, or at least up here on the mountain. I love seeing and hearing them.

  10. MandT-- Yes, the conversations out there on the quiet trails are quite entertaining.

    Mark-- It was really cool to be so close to this one and hear it answering its mate. Nice that you have them there on the mountain.