Friday, March 06, 2015

Hello From Sunny Southern California

We drove the second half of the journey south on Wednesday. It was a beautiful, clear sunshiny day. It's a 350 mile journey with nice long stretches of it along the Pacific Ocean. We could see for miles and miles out to sea. There is something about that ocean being right there as we barrel down the road that brings calm comfort and a blue beauty of peace.

My mom was still not feeling very well when we arrived, but has really gotten stronger and better in the two days we've been here. We're not sure what was going on. She suffered for almost two weeks, but it all seems to be resolving, and for that we are grateful.

We plan to stay a few more days and make sure she is stable and really well. It's been crazy being camped here in the living room of her one bedroom apartment (at the assisted living facility). It's a bit like traveling in a sleeper car on the train. All of our stuff strewn about and narrow quarters, but love lets us do crazy things like this. Turns out we can pretty much adjust to just about anything.

The weather is warm. We walk out in short-sleeved shirts and shorts. It's like a vacation, but not.

Thank you for your kind words and wishes. My mother loves all of it.


  1. Go, mom! Glad to hear she is better. Today in Miami is 85 and sticky! I love your cloud photo!

  2. Robin Andrea, so glad to hear that your mom is feeling better.

    I love your Snowy picture with its golden slippers!

    And my Lumix arrived last evening. I had time to take some pictures at the feeders in early, early morning light and get just a few onto the blog before rushing into work. I just had to post it, even though I have not done the writing that I'd like to accompany it. I'll work on that over the weekend.
    Thank you for your words of experience with your camera. I think that was one of the top two or three things that finally guided me to select it.
    Travel safely on your way home.

  3. so glad to hear your mom is better. be sure to tell her a FB friend is keeping up with her via you! I know exactly what you mean about traveling that stretch of coastal highway...we LOVE it, too! my skin loves the sea, my lungs love it, my emotional state finds peace in it. I can see the difference in my skin within 24 hours...I am hydrated and cleansed and feel and look healthier. Enjoy your stay and your travel home. Are you guys now house hunting in the Santa Cruz area?

  4. Back in the day I would fly to LAX for a meeting, return to Seattle in the evening. It was otherworldly to spend 6 hours in warmth and blinding sunshine. Deplaning at SEA it just seemed like a fever dream.

    All the best to your mom.

  5. I love hearing that your mom is getting better. I know it is because you are there!

  6. That second image looks like a puff of smoke that God might have exhaled from a pipe! Good job! And, good to hear that your Mom's doing better--maybe it's your arrival that did it.

  7. Tara-- Thanks for stopping by here on your way to Cuba! That cloud shot was right above the house in Capitola.

    Aubrey-- Your photos with the new camera are fantastic. The camera works so well with a good eye behind it!

    Sky-- My mom loves knowing so many people care. Thank you. I am an ocean person in every way. All the times I've lived inland, I've always just longed to be back. So, that's where we'll be. Still plan on looking in Arcata, but the housing stock there is the crappiest we've ever seen. And Santa Cruz has gone the way of San Francisco, only very rich investors can afford to be there. Median home price $688,000!

    Phil-- Yes, warmth and blinding sunshine. Roger said while we were out walking yesterday, "If we lived here I would need much stronger sunglasses."

    Kenju-- Yes, I believe our presence has had some effect too!

    Scott-- I loved that cloud so much. I thought it looked like the Milky Way Galaxy. Yes, I think my mom's spirits definitely lifted when we arrived.

  8. Adjusting to almost anything is the perfect recipe for happiness. Glad your mom is improving. Lovely photographs.

  9. So glad your Mom is doing better. Must be the great company.
    That wispy cloud photo is really neat.

  10. Mmm,virga! Love it.

    When I read about your mother, I can't help thinking about my own mother. I guess you have already told her that people all over the country are wishing her well.

  11. NCmountainwoman-- I hadn't thought of it that way, about adjusting to almost anything, but I LOVE that recipe! Thank you.

    Arkansas Patti-- We all went down to the dining room last night for dinner. First time my mom went there in two weeks. Everyone was so happy to see her. She tired easily and came home early, but PROGRESS!

    Mark-- I thought it looked like a virga too. A really cool one. I told my mom of all the kind words and wishes here. She is so appreciative. Me too, Mark. Thank you.