Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Photoshopping An Afternoon Away

I started thinking the other day about what it might be like to write a children's book. I thought it would be such a wonderful thing to show kids what they might see when they look up into the sky.

But then I thought, photos may not be the right thing for a children's book. The pics need to be colorful and slightly more cartoonish. That made me start playing around with Photoshop and using some of their incredibly interesting filters.
Here are two photos I played with. The double rainbow photo filter is Palette and the halo filter is Ocean Ripple. Could these filters change the photos enough to make them look interesting to a child? What do you think?

Here's a bit of a follow-up on my mom. I've been very distracted and worried about her because she is still not feeling well. She spent last weekend in the hospital. My sister has been at her side for hours and hours and hours. My twin brother is driving down to see her. Roger and I will probably make a return trip next week. Please send your good thoughts and best wishes to her. Thank you. (Click on the above pic, I photoshopped that one too.)


  1. Robin, my heart goes out to you and your mom. That's a corny-sounding phrase, but I mean it sincerely.
    Wonderful image of the two of you.

  2. So sorry your Mom is not feeling well. I know what a worry that must be and that the long trip is ahead for you. Sending only good thoughts for you both.
    Like what you did with the picture of you two.

  3. You and your mom are in my thoughts. Sending you and your mom and your family good thoughts, well-wishes, and all things positive. And, by the way, I love what you're doing with PhotoShop and the children will love it, too!

  4. Oh my, so begins the journey of the next. My love to you both and healing thoughts for your mother. Have a safe journey----and consider that child's sky book ( with your photos) ---a great idea

  5. isabelita-- I love the sound of that phrase. It would be interesting finding the origins of such an expression. So glad you liked the photo.

    Arkansas Patti-- Thank you for your good and kind thoughts. It really does help her to know people are thinking of her.

    John-- Thank you for your good thoughts. It lifts us out of the stress. Really glad you like the photoshopped pics.

    MandT-- I will tell my mom of your healing thoughts. She knows some of the stories of you, Trace, and Bodhi dog. Thank you so much for your encouraging words about the child's sky book.

  6. I think a children's book about sky phenomena is an excellent idea. I think quite a few of the photos you have posted would be great. The two here are good examples.

    We certainly hope your mother gets better. I know she must hate having to stay in the hospital, and I know you must hate being so far away.

  7. Yes, the children's book is a wonderful idea and I'm sure your photographs would be exciting and informative.

    Still sending positive thoughts from one end of the nation to the other for your mother. And good healing thoughts going that far must do some good.

  8. Mark and Leah-- I'm so glad you like the children's book idea. I really would like to do it. And I think it would be cool for kids to have a book that actually celebrates the real world around them. And, thank you for your kind thoughts about my mom. Yes, it is really hard being 700 miles away. We're planning another trip.

    NCmountainwoman-- I like your enthusiasm about the children's book. I think a book about wild animals and birds would be very cool too. I also think that positive thoughts sent from afar do amazing things for the spirit and for actual health!

  9. Sending loving energy to you and your mother. What a beautiful double portrait!

    Yes to the idea of a children's book about the beloved sky!

    Coincidentally, I thought of you yesterday when reading a children's book while waiting for my yoga-practicing doctor to appear. She always has good children books in her examining rooms:

    Although the girl in that book is passionate about the night sky, her enthusiasm reminded me of your love for the sky.

    Kind wishes always,

  10. am-- Thank you so much for your loving energy. I'll take a look at that children's book. I know there are good ones out there, the kind that raise awareness and consciousness of the world and planet in which we live.

  11. Thinking about you and your Mom. Worrying can take a whole lot of energy.

    I think a kids' book that makes kids look up at the sky is a cool idea.

  12. jo(e)-- We appreciate your good thoughts. Thank you for that. It's so true about worry and energy. Explains why I am absolutely exhausted. If I ever recover from this worrying sadness, I may get around to writing that book.

  13. Robin Andrea, I hope your mom gets better quickly. t is always stressful when ones you love are feeling poorly. Sending thoughts of healing and best wishes.

  14. Sending a warm hug to each of you.
    And I wish I had grown up with the children's sky book you are going to write and illustrate. I've looked at the night sky quite a bit, but I wish I had been more familiar with the daytime sky a long time ago. Yes, children will love it and be inspired to embrace our special envelope each day.
    Peace to you and your mom and to Roger.