Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Wordless Wednesday: Beautiful Interlopers

European Starling

Three-Cornered Garlic (Irish Name- Glaschrreamh)

Mustard from somewhere!


  1. Wondered where they had gone, now I know

  2. Starlings in the right light ARE beautiful. I just wish they wouldn't demolish my suet blocks when they arrive, en mass, as my bird feeder. Our non-native mustards haven't begun to bloom yet, but our fields will turn yellow, soon, too.

  3. We used to see huge flocks of them roosting in a young pine thicket near the textile plant where my mother worked. The numbers must surely have been in the hundreds of thousands. For some reason, I haven't seen a starling flock like that in many years.

  4. Bill-- They're here!

    Scott-- It's true about Starlings. They are really such a nuisance, but they are quite beautiful in their breeding plumage. Enjoy the yellowing of the fields.

    Mark-- I remember when I was young seeing the sky literally darken with migrating birds. I wish I knew what kind of birds I was seeing in New Jersey 1961.

  5. "mustard from somewhere" - CLASSIC!

  6. Pablo-- I really tried to ID it! LOL!