Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Birds Were Out Hunting

The weather has been bleak. Seriously bleak, gray, foggy, windy and cool for most of the month. Not much inspiration for getting out there with the camera. We do try to walk everyday, but we have missed a few because of the relentless wind. Friday was gray, but wonderfully calm, the perfect invitation for a neighborhood walk.

We often see hawks perched on the poles along this road by the cow pastures. We spotted this one just as it was taking off.

I thought it had flown away because of our presence.  But it landed at the field edge right across the road and kept an intent and hungry eye on something. A crow dive-bombed it, and they both took off.

The hawk circled around a bit and then flew to a different pole and waited. We kept walking and never did see it catch anything.

But just a minute or two later we did see this egret in the same field.
Not sure what it had caught, but it ate it very very quickly. Sure hope the hawk found something too.


  1. That bleakness seemed to cover most of the West Coast. It rained in both Utah and Malheur while I was there this last week. Luckily it didn’t seem to stop the birds from doing what they do.

  2. So sorry for the bleak day but you managed to capture some action.

  3. Loren-- I'm beginning to think that the fog is never going to lift. Reminds me of Port Townsend. Glad the birds don't ever seem to mind.

    Arkansas Patti-- It's been a bleak month, but we keep getting out there to see what the critters are up to!

  4. Wow! I love your bird pictures. I've been trying to get hawk pictures for quite some time, but they always like to fly away before I get the photo snapped.

  5. Er, it's been gorgeous up here in the Seattle area, ominously so. I say, appreciate the cool gray, it's going to bake away later this summer.
    Bird photos great as always.

  6. oldwhitelady-- I'm so glad you liked these photos. I hope you find a hawk that stays long enough for a good long look. Always good to hear from you!

    isabelita-- I saw Phil's photos on Facebook. I couldn't believe those beautiful blue skies there. I wouldn't mind if it were foggy half the time and not foggy the other half. It's the persistence after several weeks that knocks me flat. Boohoo. Glad you liked the pics!