Thursday, June 11, 2015

Days of Sunlight

The sun has been shining for the past few days. It's been warm and beautiful. We're lucky because it doesn't get very hot here. High temps are usually in the upper 60s, and on a really hot day the temps soar into the 70s. We had a funny conversation with a cashier and the customer in front of us at the co-op about temps going above 76. We all laughed about how that's just too hot for us sensitive coastal Humboldt County folks. Funny thing, just a few miles inland, the temps are in the mid 90s. Ah, the coastal fog and breezes, truly a blessing and a curse.

When the sun is out, so are we. We go exploring and see all the other people and critters that have come out to surrender to that glorious golden light.

You really have to click on this photo to see the tiny, tiny crabs that were scurrying about in the low tide sands of Humboldt Bay. This photo hardly conveys how small these crabs are. I was zoomed in 60x optical, and I couldn't actually see them, but I knew they were there. They were like pebbles with legs.
It was wonderful to see these two species of Finch hanging out together on such a beautiful day.
But it was this Anise Swallowtail that really caught my attention. This one hardly stayed still long enough to get a good photograph. I was glad that I kept trying though. I would have never noticed those heart spots on the edge of its wing. What a beauty!
The best part of the fog finally burning off after nearly a month of gloom is seeing beautiful clouds on the horizon. It had been so long I had forgotten just how wonderful a cloudscape is. These clouds  pushed eastward and produced some lightning and thunder, and unfortunately a few very early forest fires for the season. Still, we were so happy to see them against this blue blue sky.

We do love these sunny days.


  1. What a delightful post----made my day! :-)

  2. Way back in graduate school my advisor gave me a large-format photo of the entire western US made from satellite images. They had to use images from lots of different days to get every part of the coast without fog. And even then, there was fog just off the coast.

  3. Glad to hear that you are getting sunny days. Love the heart pattern on the butterfly. Love your photos celebrating the sunshine. We're getting clear and sunny days with mild breezes here. I've been seeing an Osprey flying over Lake Whatcom, and a Flicker flew by about an hour ago. It's hummingbird time, too.

  4. Your weather is about the same as it is here. If it gets above 70° we're complaining. When it's sunny, we're out too. Too many things to do outside when the weather is good. Enjoy my friends.

  5. I envy your weather! And the photos are fantastic!

  6. mandt-- Glad you liked it!

    Mark-- We do get a lot of fog here. I check the satellite images quite often, and it's always close by if not directly over us.

    am-- I've been noticing that Seattle has had some really fine weather. Enjoy every sunny moment of it!

    Dave-- It is so interesting how temps above 70 really start to feel way too hot.

    John-- So glad you like the photos!

  7. And we here in land roasting with temperatures 100° Or more! This delicate flower is wilting, I tell ya. Gotta get up early to enjoy the outdoors. I do remember the summer coastal fog, though. Can't say I liked that either.

  8. Tara-- We're either hiding from the sun or longing for it. It's summertime in California!

  9. Swell photos! We're finally getting some delicious marine air up here, and it makes the relentless sunshine tolerable.

    1. isabelita-- I understand your joy at the marine air. I would take that over relentless heat any day. Enjoy it!

  10. So glad the sun has driven away your month of gloom. Lovely photographs.

  11. Gorgeous, as always! We aren't quite so coastal and are a good bit south, but sure has been a lot of gloom lately (except for this one bright sunny really hot day) - it's nice when it burns off enough to let some sunshine in!

  12. NCmountainwoman-- We're so happy to see the sun. It was a long, long stretch of gloom.

    MandT-- <3

    kathy a-- The whole coastal area of California north to south has been socked in. It rained in LA the past few days. Crazy weather. So yes, it sure is great to have some sunshine, and not too hot.