Friday, June 19, 2015

Garden Update

this was our garden on dec 10 2014

we wanted to grow stuff and didn't want to dig up any of the lawn even though it is lumpy and bumpy and patchy and weedy, being still confident that we would soon be moving on to a newly purchased house. the empty pots were out on someone's lawn by the sidewalk, a traditional arcata way of giving stuff away. so we took them. filled them with potting soil and seedlings. the chard and spinach grew enough to give us many meals.

we have yet to find a suitable house and the spinach went to seed. we had kale too but it never grew well and also went to seed. time to attend to the garden. out with the spinach and kale, a few more pots. new spinach and chard seedlings. tomatoes nurtured in elena and jason's greenhouse.

 two weeks ago they were as small as the seedlings in the dec 10 picture above

 i couldn't resist putting just one tomato in the ground.


  1. Our friend Georgette emailed to tell us that she couldn't leave a comment here, but wanted to write this:
    "Precious life! I look forward with envy to the photos as the veggies grow...and the recipes that are sure to follow harvest!"

    1. i am a sporadic blogger but i will try to do more updates

  2. Your persistence is always an inspiration.

  3. Gardening is a drug. And a good one. Should you move before all the tomatoes are harvested, I am sure someone else will love them.
    In a small town not far from us, Andernach, the locals with eventual approval from the authorities, have turned public lawns and insipid parks etc. into open public gardens, growing herbs and fruit and veg. where people help themselves on their way home from the train station. Also, check out "edible edges" in Totnes, UK on the interwebs.

  4. I get high on gardening, too. Even when I was in an apartment at various times in my life I grew tomatoes and other veg. My veg hasn't done well this year and I'm grumpy about it. Next year will be better. I did just transplant the artichoke and the Delicata squash into a sunnier spot and already they are responding well.