Sunday, July 05, 2015

All Kinds of Follow-Ups

We're still in escrow. There was a flurry of electronic paperwork full of disclosures that required our crazy electronic signatures and initials. Sellers sign. Buyers sign. We read all the fine print and make sure all the boxes are checked as they should be. Then nothing for a few days. There will be an inspection and once all of that is over, we have to sign off on all contingencies and wait for escrow to close. We've walked over to the house a few times. We still like it and the neighborhood. So far so good.

I still haven't found a dentist, but the one I've been hoping to see will be back from vacation on July 7th. Maybe he'll take a few minutes to see me and tell me what's going on with this crazy tooth of mine. I'm not in pain, but the endless pressure has been slowly driving me crazy. I haven't taken a photograph in weeks. That's how distracting this weird discomfort is. I'm sick of it. If he can't see me, I'm planning to head back to the emergency clinic just to make sure there isn't an infection building slowly.

We were planning to do a post called Quacks and Moos about how we walk around the neighborhood and talk to the animals. I did photograph this cow around the corner from our little rental here. It was going to be part of the quack and moo story, but I'm not sure we'll ever get around to doing that one. We're moving even closer to big dairy cow land. There will definitely be more cow photos in the future.

Back in June we wrote about how much we like our little neighborhood here. Interestingly, a few days later there was a knock on our door and our very adorable pre-teen neighbor and her friend were giggling out there, offering us homemade cookies to buy. They said they were starting a little business and gave us one of their hand-made business cards. They call themselves NWPC, for the Nerdy Wart People Club. We bought four delicious chocolate chip cookies, and we've been hoping they'll come back!

I was going through some of my older photos the other day and found this one from March, when we were at the beach house. I think it's a pretty good example of a Virga. I sent it to The Cloud Appreciation Society to see what they think. It's been a while since any atmospheric optics or interesting clouds have crossed our skies. Even in my malaise I still run outside to check. There are some things that I won't miss no matter how I'm feeling.

We hope you all had a good 4th of July. We don't celebrate and were pretty glad our neighbor only shot off noisy things until 10:30. Such a crazy holiday.


  1. Hope that your tooth problem can be resolved on the 7th and you can get back to taking photos again and have plenty of energy for the move into your house. It is sweet to know that you will have a home in Arcata!

  2. Good luck with the tooth and hope you can get into the dentist.

  3. Still good news on the house.

    The cloud formation may be a mare's tail. Mare's tails are formed from ice crystals falling from high clouds. Falling and evaporating liquid water is called virga. Could you tell whether the clouds were high (ice) or lower (water)?

  4. I can hardly wait for the housewarming party.

  5. Dang, I hope you get t hat tooth checked. An abscess could give you some grief.
    Loved those preteen entrepreneurs.
    Can't wait to see your new to be home.

  6. Robin Andrea; I suspect an abscess, unfortunately. I've only had one in my life, and it developed under a crown. I had to go to an oral surgeon for a root canal. The thing I remember the most was that my jaw was so sore because they had to wedge my mouth open for about a half-hour while they worked on the tooth. Good luck to you. And, I hope this resolves so that you can share some pictures of the (impending) new house.

  7. Hi friends-- Thank you all so much for your kind good wishes. We're very happy about the house. I'm still worried about that tooth. Hope to find some relief tomorrow. I'll probably post something all about it!

  8. Great photos! Yay for house progress! Did the cookie girls have contact info on their card?

    And last but certainly not least, hoping you can see the dentist pronto! Whatever's happening is no good. (I will also be seeing dental glory this week, as a crown fell out. But at least I know what happened!) As a white-knuckle dental consumer, getting it over with is better. xoxo

    1. Also, the dental patient gets whatever soothes the soul after. In my reckless youth, as a student letting dental students fix my bad teeth, I always went for a chocolate old fashion donut. I think this particular crown is from the early 1980's, so what the dental students didn't know about my private life did not adversely affect the outcome. ;)

  9. Good fortune with the house purchase, seems like ya gotta sign your names a jillion times, yeh?
    And the dental situation: Really empathize. Our dear dentist and friend of thirty some years retired, and we've ventured out to a new one recommended by friends, but to me,she's kind of an unknown quantity. Like looking for a trust worthy car mechanic, only it' s your teeth, which need to last...

  10. Hope the tooth problem is not severe and will soon be over. It certainly puts a damper on all your activities, I'm sure.

  11. Looking forward to hearing more about the house. I'm glad things are slowly falling into place. That sucks about the tooth though. I hope you've managed to have it seen to since writing this blog post.

  12. Looking forward to hearing more about the cows! And the house, but mostly the cows :)