Thursday, July 09, 2015

The House and Dental Follow-up

I got in to see a dentist on Wednesday. He was incredibly kind and thorough. He alleviated my fear about an infection and an impending periodontal abscess. No infection of any kind anywhere. He was somewhat mystified by my sense of pressure, but thought it had to do with the new bridge and how it is interacting with the tooth next to it and the unhappy gum between them. I'm scheduled to see a periodontist in late August, but for now, I can breathe a sigh of relief and not worry about some excruciating pain waking me in the night on a long weekend.

We had the house inspection done on Thursday morning. The inspector was also incredibly kind and thorough (it must be a trend here!). He spent 2 1/2 hours checking every nook and cranny from the rooftop to the crawlspace under the house. Everything looks good with only a few things that will require attention. We got to walk around the house again and were happy to still like it and glad about our decision to buy it.

When Roger was walking around the yard he found this. Our first bug at the new house. It's a
Ten-lined June Beetle. It's a fairly large beetle and probably a nuisance, but we were happy to see our first bit of wildlife there. The other sign of wildlife was some plastic bubble-wrap placed strategically by the front door to prevent the swallows from nesting. The neighbors next door have a nest right above their front door. So there's lots of swooping swallows everywhere. A very pleasant sight.

So far things are moving along well. The skies have been gray and not particularly conducive to playing outside, but we're content. And, we're ready whenever that sun does come out to go and take a nice long look around. A very pleasant thought.


  1. Well, good news on the dental front. A thorough inspection is also a good thing. I'm afraid they are sometimes just a formality.

  2. What a relief to have seen the dentist and to know that you will have the home you looked so long for. Swallows and a Ten-lined beetle. Cool.

    We've had fires up here and the sky has not yet returned to blue. It's close to too hot for walking.

  3. We would enjoy having some gray skies, cooler weather and some rain. It's pretty horrible up here in Seattle, seems more like Arizona.

  4. I have been missing out reading your blogs and am glad to see you have found a place to buy. I hope it all goes through for you and you can settle in. Only problem we have with dentists in the UK is finding a National Health one, they hardly seem to take on new patients so I go private an pay for my teeth to be checked. Have to admit I have a great dentist. Also helps I'm married to a Dental Hygienist.

  5. Phew, great news about the pressure. I know the fear of having it all go to blazes over a week end. Relax now and enjoy your new owner status. Can't wait to see pictures.
    "Kind"is contagious--seems there is an epidemic there. Enjoy.

  6. Mark-- We'll get the full inspection report today, but it looked like things were in pretty good shape. The house is 25 years old, but well cared for.

    am-- It was very disconcerting to go for weeks with discomfort and no dentist. I am so relieved to know that I'm not dealing with a pending infection. We're looking at a 45-day escrow, so won't be moving in until late August. But just knowing it's there gives us a lovely sense of peace. We have been so utterly surprised by the weather in the northwest. Yikes. Hot hot hot and fires.

    isabelita- It really is so strange to see all that heat and fire up in the northwest. Friends have been posting maps of the fires in British Columbia. Something very strange and unsettling. I wish I could send you some of this foggy cool weather. Seriously.

    Bill-- How lucky to be married to a Dental Hygienist. Our teeth are so incredibly important. I wish I knew that when I was young in the 1950s. Dental care is pretty expensive here, but I have a small dental insurance policy through my university retirement. It helps out a bit.

    Arkansas Patti-- Even though the pressure is still present, my anxiety level is pretty low now, and that makes all the difference. We are in a 45-day escrow, so won't be moving in until mid to late August. There will be pics for sure!

  7. Glad to hear there is no infection in your tooth.

    So very happy about the house. I wish I could send you some of our sunshine. Have a relaxing weekend.

  8. Thank goodness you don't have an abscess! Did the dentist offer any sort of relief for the "phantom" pressure?

    It's interesting that you posted a picture of a June Beetle. One of our volunteers brought in an insect she couldn't identify today, and it turned out to be a Green June Beetle--smaller than your Ten-lined, but a beautiful velvety green with some iridescence (just for you, Robin Andrea) on parts of its body.

    How come we get a picture of the June Beetle but not the house? Don't want to jinx it?

  9. Yay about the dental news! And knock wood, but sounds good about the house!

    That bug kinda freaks me out. ;)

  10. NCmountainwoman-- I wish you could send us some of your sunshine too. Thank you for that!

    Scott-- I know, I am so relieved to not have an abscess. The dentist didn't really offer any relief for the phantom pain, but I'm going to see an MD next week, where I expect to explore other reasons for such a sensation. I love anything that shines iridescent! We haven't taken any pics of the house. Isn't that weird? I do have a file of photos that the real estate agent posted on the listing. I could probably put up a pic of the living room.... Mmmm maybe I will.

    kathy a-- Thank you. I'm pretty happy to have a weekend that won't be full of crazy anxiety about pain. Freedom! The bug was pretty freaky and big!

  11. It’s great that everything turned out well. It also helped that you had a skilled dentist that was able to pinpoint the problem soon after. It’s good to know that there were no periodontal abscess nor further pains waiting for you that weekend. At the very least, you can consult with the periodontist about the bridge and gum problem once you consult this August. Take care!

    Brian Derrick @ Falls Park Dentistry

    1. Brian-- thank you for your comment. Still waiting to see the periodontist. Did a week of Chlorhexidine Gluconate, and that seemed to help with the pressure in the unhappy gum.

  12. June Bugs ... they are in the Central Valley too. Remember to get them off of you or anything else, lift up and off. If you simply brush them away they hold on tighter .. which can be a bit creepy. They like hanging on screens when lights are on in a house and it's dark outside.