Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Words on Wednesday: The Window of Smoky Suns

We're in the final phases of packing up and moving to our new house. The movers are coming on Friday. One of our kind neighbors let us use her pickup truck to take several small loads over these past few days. It's all happening pretty smoothly, except for you know who, our internet and telephone service provider who can't seem to get our new service order at the new house worked out. We have been given several different order numbers with several different turn on dates: 8/24 (cancelled by them); 8/26 (cancelled by them); 8/27 (cancelled by us).

We finally decided to go with their competition here and have telephone and internet service with a cable tv service provider. We had enough with the insanity and incompetence. How much can we endure while we're trying to move? We did get them to restore our service to the rental for this final week we are here. That was done Monday morning. A technician arrived at noon to do a hookup, which we did not need. He said he had called ahead. Oh really? Where did he call, we wondered. He told us the number and we had a good laugh. He called our old number in Grass Valley that we gave up more than 14 months ago. This is what we've been putting up with. But no more. We stopped. We said, ENOUGH. Whew.

The skies have been smoky again. I thought I should look through our windows of lunacy to see what tricks it could do with the crazy orange sun. It made me laugh out loud. I was so happy about that. Laughing makes everything just a little bit better.


  1. Hope your new house has at least one window of lunacy.

  2. Yep. The smoky summer of 2015. On the day my friend arrived from Norway last week, our sky and sun were dim from smoke from a fire in southern Washington. Our throats felt scratchy. Still we can laugh out loud. So true. Keeping you in my thoughts as you move into the home you searched so long for in beautiful Humboldt County. Can you see Orion in the east in the early morning? I've seen him the last two mornings, along with the Pleiades, Capella and Aldebaran.

    ET. Phone. Home.

  3. NCmountainwoman-- Funny you should mention that. We went over there yesterday and I took a look through the windows facing west to see this sun. No crazy reflections at all. Oh well. Really glad we got to see this when we did.

    am-- I wish we could see Orion in the morning here. It's been foggy and smoky. The few nights when it was clear, and we could see the stars, there was smoke in the east, so we even missed seeing the Perseid meteor showers. In the Washington Post today, there is an article about the top ten counties in the country based on climate and scenery. The top five are in California: Ventura; Humboldt; Santa Barbara; Mendocino; and Del Norte. What a surprise! We're number 2!

  4. Looks like alien skies as described in a sci fi story!
    May the smooth moving continue.

  5. Pablo-- I bet you laugh when you see your adorable grandson!

    isabelita-- We're going to miss this crazy window. I've never seen anything like it, and you know how much I like looking outside. It's been fun.

    John-- I am looking forward to Les Cowley of Atmospheric Optics explaining the optical phenomenon of these four panes of glass reflecting like this. What crazy sights it has provided us.

  6. I see you are still on the planet of many moons and suns:)) So sorry you are getting so much smoke. Sure hope you are safe from any fires.
    Can't believe that service provider. So glad you dropped them. Not worth the aggravation.
    Looking forward to seeing pics of your new home.

  7. Arkansas Patti-- We are safe from fires, but when we get those winds that blow northeast from the interior of the state, it brings us the smoky air. We're okay and still enjoying our planet of many moons and suns! We haven't told the provider that we're dropping them yet. We want our telephone and internet here until Friday, and then we're going to tell them. Interestingly, they've been calling us wanting us to talk with a salesman about establishing new services at the new house. Their insanity has no limits.

  8. Your adventures are a trip! Be safe!

  9. LOVE your solacy (I made that word up)! And I have to apologize, but your tale of AT&T's utter incompetence made me laugh out loud. It really reads like a script from a comedy show.

  10. WHat an irritating experience! Hopefully, the new company will be good to you. At the end of the day, you both are probably pretty worn out! Moving is so exhausting, even when the moving truck moves the big stuff. Glad you have so much accomplished, already.

  11. Dave-- Thanks!

    CCorax-- Hey, seriously I was going to use the same word "solacy"-- great minds! We went with the cable company and they arrived on Saturday right on time. We had fast internet and telephone just as promised. Yay!

    oldwhitelady-- The new company was completely professional. Right on time and very efficient. We are so pleased already.