Saturday, October 31, 2015

End of October Photos

Happy Halloween, friends!

Here are some photos taken in October that haven't been posted on the blog. It sure was a beautiful month.

An Asperitas cloud formation looking so much like the ocean
Greater Yellowlegs in a meadow not usually covered by the tide
An iridescent heart
Moon in the dark clouds
Marbled Godwits and Avocets at high tide rush hour
Farmers Market a week before Halloween
Super-Warty Pumpkin (10 generations of cross-breeding to look like this!)


  1. Warty pumpkins are strange!

  2. I love autumn markets -- all the colourful squash. I feel like stocking up on dozens of them!

  3. Beautiful capture of our ever transient world. The moon photo is breathtaking.

  4. Bizarre and interesting info about the wartiness; some of them wind up looking like three D abstractions.
    Also, fine images.

  5. kenju-- I was surprised that so much effort went into growing such a strange-looking thing.

    bev-- I love the color this time of the year. The fall foliage and the bounty of the season So beautiful.

    MandT-- True, it is all so transient. If you look away, it's gone. I loved the moon too in those crazy dark clouds.

    isabelita-- It is so weird to want a grow a pumpkin that looks like this. I guess the wartier the better. So glad you liked the pics.

  6. I wish I could see the world through your eyes.

  7. Pablo-- I think it has to do with being retired and having all the time in the world to run outside whenever the sky looks right. I've learned a lot about seeing the world in the past ten years. Although, now that I think of it, seeing bobcats out my window at work at UC Santa Cruz definitely inspired my love of wildlife!

  8. Definitely a beautiful month with Mars, Jupiter and Venus visible in the early mornings. Love the Asperitas cloud formation and everything about Arcata in October. It's windy and rainy here today with the temperature hovering around 50 degrees, still warm enough to have my windows open for part of the day. It's getting to the time of year where I sleep so well at night because of the coolness and darkness. I'm ready for November.

  9. All great! But I really love the moon.

  10. am-- Yes! I've been running out on clear mornings to see the planets. If they are visible I want to see them. So glad you liked the Asperitas pic. It's a zoomed in shot looking east at the mountains. It was quite a beautiful October.

    kathy a-- Thank you so much! Yes, I love that moon too. I loved seeing it surrounded by all those dark clouds. What a unusual sight.

  11. It's comforting to know that someone goes to so much trouble to grow odd-looking pumpkins - there's someone to take care of everything in this world!

  12. Ok, Robin, I beg you: Tell me the EXIF data from the moon photo!! ISO, shutter speed, aperture....
    I have tried before to capture clouds across the moon images and I have never succeeded. The clouds were moving too fast for a slow shutter speed. Of course, that was back in the film days when I couldn't crank the ISO without losing all my other shots on the roll.
    The Asperitas cloud is gorgeous. It really does look like the ocean.
    Thanks for so many wonderful photos. I'm jealous that your farmers markets are still going strong with *sigh* fresh tomatoes and other summery veggies.

  13. Hi Georgette-- I emailed you the settings, but I'll post them here as well. It's what the camera did automatically:
    ISO 1600 215 mm .33 ev f 5.9 1/20
    I'm sure you know what this means. I don't!
    So glad you liked the pics. It's been a lovely fall. I've seen photos of the fall back east. Looks spectacular this year. Yes, our farmers market is still going strong. It slows way down from late November until April, but it still happens every Saturday with only one block of farmers instead of the whole town square.

  14. Oh, it DOES look like the ocean. Lovely

  15. You really are aware of your surroundings (and manage to take great photos of it).

  16. Pat-- I'm always looking around. I sometimes wonder what I'm missing behind me!