Thursday, November 12, 2015

A Walk At The Dunes

Every now and then we break our routines and go for a walk we haven't been on before. On Wednesday we thought it would be fun to walk along the shore across the bay from the marsh. I photograph that bit of shoreline whenever I point the camera west. We also drive the road around this part of the bay whenever we head into the "big city" of Eureka. When we do that drive, we always say, we should remember to come here and walk. So we did.
If you click on the pic you'll see the red-roofed building that was in the post last week about high and low tides
It was a beautiful, sunny and warm day. Perfect for walking along the railroad tracks here. So, we headed out to see the sights, but realized that what we really wanted was to see the ocean. The road separates Humboldt Bay from the Pacific Ocean. The above photo is looking east at the mountains, behind us looking west are the dunes and the ocean. So we drove a very short distance to the Humboldt Coastal Nature Center parked the car and started walking.
 The trail is nice and easy with some lovely views along the way.
Just before we got to the shoreline, I noticed a very faint bow of light in the sky. So, I had to stop and photograph that too.
I thought it was a pretty cool looking bow, and I left our shadows in the photo so you could see where we were with the sun behind us. Ah yes, and there is a hint of the ocean in the photo as well.
This ocean is literally ten minutes from our house. How can we forget to come here? Today we decided to make this little trip a part of our regular walks. We especially want to come during minus tides to see how far we can walk out and during King Tides (which are coming in the next two weeks) to see how high the highest tides are. This is definitely Tsunami Zone area.
It was one of those perfectly beautiful fall days on the California north coast. We are really glad that we headed out to see this and be able to share it here with you.

PS: We remembered why we don't often head out to the ocean here. It's either incredibly foggy or windy or both. We just need to remember to come on those rare occasions when it's beautifully sunny and calm, like it was on Wednesday.


  1. Wow, I can smell the salty air, so lovely!

  2. A lovely walk to take with you, Robin. Ellie and I also took a walk we hadn't been on before--but this one was along the Los Angeles River, near downtown. Amazing. (See The Buddha Diaries...)

  3. Most I ever see is a river or lake, it's a long time since we have been to the sea let along an ocean

  4. Really lovely. I'm glad you included a postscript because it is hard to imagine why you haven't been frequenting the ocean beach. When Kali and I lived in Florida, a hurricane moved around sand and closed an inlet separating St. Petersburg Beach from Caladesi Island State Park (heretofore only accessible by boat). Though the walk was long (several miles), Kali and I used to love to walk the strand to the uninhabited and fairly pristine island.

  5. isabelita-- It was one of those truly beautiful days.

    peter-- Glad you liked this walk. I enjoyed your walk too!

    Bill-- It really is quite a thing to be standing on the shore at the ocean. I hope you get out there soon.

    Scott-- It was funny to remember why we don't go out there much. It's so close, literally less than a ten minute drive, but those winds and the fog are intense there. There is just something about the ocean that is so evocative.

  6. Your photos made me really want to be there--we're in day two of gray, wet weather (a good thing really, but not exactly a mood-lifter). The last one made me catch my breath. Inlander though I be, salt water is our blood, our life. I speaks directly to our heart no matter where we've grown up.
    On those nice days, would it be feasible to ride your bikes to the ocean, or are the roads between too dangerous?

  7. CCorax-- We love being this close to the ocean and bay. It has such a moderating effect on everything, and there is so much wildlife. Really glad you liked that breaking wave photo. The sound was pretty great too. This road to Eureka is the beautiful 2-lane back way in. While we do see bike riders out there, there is only a very narrow shoulder. It looks a little too hazardous for us.

  8. This post makes me wonder, what holds me here in S. CA? The N CA coast is so beautiful and less crowded. Alas, jobs, families, and a myriad of things keep me anchored in place. Perhaps someday...

  9. Sweet to see the bright white of the white water in your last photo. Nothing else like it. Love the bluish-green color of the water near where the wave is cresting.

    Thanks so much for the link that led me to this:

  10. Spare Parts and Pics-- Have you ever traveled up the north coast? I hope you make the trip. It's very, very different from southern California up here. I checked your blog. You take such wonderful photos of the desert, and I love how much of the sky is in your shots. Truly lovely. Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting.

    am-- The ocean was quite beautiful yesterday. The waves were rolling rolling rolling, one after another. It was a wonderful time to be there to see it. I'm so glad you like the photo. Thank you for the link. We are so happy to be here and have all of this to explore!

  11. What a wonderful area. I had no idea you were minutes away from the ocean. I especially loved the bow of clouds. Just beautiful.

  12. NCmountainwoman-- You remind me that I really should post a google map shot of where we live. We are so close to the ocean, Roger can hear it sometimes when it is roaring in high tides. (I don't hear quite as well). So glad you liked the cloud bow.