Friday, November 27, 2015

What We Did On Thanksgiving

Roger and I have spent many a Thanksgiving holiday just the two of us, and this Thanksgiving was one of those. We like each other's company so that works out well. Thursday dawned quite cold here with temps hovering around 40 F. There was plenty of frost on the roofs in the neighborhood and even the lawn grass glinted in the morning light. We knew exactly how we wanted to spend this beautiful, blue sky day. There was a King Tide expected at noon, and we wanted to be there when the tide was as high as it was going to be.
We headed out to the marsh around 11:30 and found it to be humming with lots of fellow walkers, families with kids, and plenty of well-behaved happy dogs all on leashes. When we got out of the car, the first thing we noticed was some people standing on the small dock in the very high tide watching a strange flat craft moving out into the bay. We could not see anyone in the craft, except for two arms that came up out of the vessel in a rowing movement. We wondered what that person was up to, but it was a beautiful day, so we didn't stop to watch. We walked on just a bit and then heard the loud crack of a shotgun. BOOM. Then BOOM again. We couldn't believe it. That boat suddenly had two people in it and one of them had a gun and was shooting at some ducks in the bay. They had been hiding as they approached the birds. We were shocked. BOOM again. I took some photos of them and walked on quickly. We ran into three people who were as shocked as we were. One of them had called 911 to report gunshots at the marsh. It was quite disconcerting to have a gun being fired so closely to where a host of walkers, hikers, bird-watchers, and families with kids were enjoying their Thanksgiving.
That sound was so disconcerting I wasn't sure I could enjoy the walk, which we had only just begun. But we kept going and found that the sight of hundreds of birds taking off in flight helped to lift our spirits. We walked and walked and filled our eyes with all the beauty that spread before us.
In the meadow that is usually dry, we found the Kingfisher and Heron taking advantage of the very high tide. I was so glad they posed for me like this!
This view from the little bridge gives you some idea of how high the tide was. Here's a view at much lower tide, taken four days earlier.
So, this was our Thanksgiving walk. When I look at these photos, I am struck by how blue everything is. We are always grateful for these sunny days. The rains will be back in a few days, and we keep hearing about an El Nino winter headed our way. Until that happens, we'll walk in the sunlight and rejoice in the rain when it comes.

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.


  1. Is it duck season where you're at? I would have thought that was earlier in the year. As always, great photos. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Pity the duck hunters did not fall in other than that you had a nice walk. Hope you enjoyed your thanksgiveing

  3. Sorry your walk had to be marred by the gunshots -- I suppose they were hunting legally, but even so . . .

    We had a good Thanksgiving, eating too much as my son's house and talking about the baby who will move in with them in March.

  4. Dave-- I've been trying to find the duck hunting season dates. It may be now, but this area is a wildlife sanctuary. I think they may have been just outside the barriers. Pretty scary. Glad you liked the pics!

    Bill-- I love your attitude. It would have been very funny to see them fall in. We had a lovely Thanksgiving, thank you!

    Pablo-- It was very strange to hear gunshot there. It is a wildlife sanctuary, but the bay has a 100 yard limit out from the dock on that protected area. Hey, where is the baby now?

  5. Fabulous photos, Robin. Glad you two were able to enjoy the day in spite of guys with guns. Aside from the gunfire, it sounds like the perfect way to spend Thanksgiving!

  6. John-- Thank you! So glad you liked these photos. We did enjoy the walk, but the sound of gunfire was incredibly disconcerting.

  7. That can't be right, shooting in or very close to the sanctuary. Stupid guys and dangerous behavior.
    Wonderful photos, especially the heron and kingfisher; so cool to see them holding still.
    Happy hiking to you!

  8. I wouldn't like that either. Scary to hear people with guns and disruptive to the wildlife. Seems they need to expand the zone

  9. isabelita-- That's what we thought about the shooting being so close to the sanctuary. Yes, definitely stupid guys and dangerous behavior. It was Thanksgiving out there with lots of families. Pretty rude. Glad you liked the photos!

    Rain-- I think the zone should be big enough that I shouldn't be able to see them with my camera.

  10. I'd guess the heron/kingfisher combination doesn't happen that often.

    Tides are uncanny things. I sometimes go to Lindisfarne (in the UK) - at high tide it's an island, at low tide it isn't. People always gather on the causeway that connects it to the land to watch the tide creeping over the sand, the concrete and the tarmac. It's compulsive viewing!

  11. Sackerson-- I understand the compulsive desire to watch those tides!