Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Wordless Wednesday: Vulture On A Wire


  1. NCmountainwoman-- Thank you. I was looking out the dining room window, and there s/he was.

    isabelita-- I love that perspective!

  2. Growing up in Northern California in the 1950s, I often saw turkey vultures gliding in circles overhead and found them beautiful. One of my vivid memories as a adult, when exploring out near Clear Lake, involves driving down a country road and startling a group of vultures who were standing around a deer that had been hit by a car. My first impression was that they were oddly small people dressed in black. When they came into focus for me, I felt a sense of horror, and decided not to go any farther on that road.

    Your photos of this vulture are beautiful. Such a mysterious bird, simply being itself. Interesting how information comes to me. I had just learned about Towers of Silence:

    and then learned about a place where there is a lack of vultures:

    Another bit of synchronicity is that I read this today from A Winter Walk:

    "For the last forty years, I have lived in the hills of Northern California ... I can see rivers and lakes in the distance, as well as vineyards and forests. The blue sky is a backdrop for large birds. Turkey vultures often circle lazily high overhead ..."

  3. am-- You just reminded me of one of my first encounters with a turkey vulture. I was living in Oregon in 1978, renting an old farmhouse on 10 acres. One day I noticed something in a field off in the distance, so I walked over to see what it was. It was a dead sheep. While I was looking at it, a vulture walked over from a nearby tree. It looked very tall and dignified, and like it was going to read a sermon for the dead. I love your moments of synchronicity. Thank you!

  4. Nasreen-- Thank you! So glad you stopped by. How did you find our blog?

  5. I never know how I find the good blogs. I'm just glad when I do.