Sunday, January 31, 2016

End of January Photos

Here are a few January photos that didn't make it on to the blog this month.
Halo with hints of sun reflections

Kestrel hunting

Moonlit clouds

Shorebirds in the rain-soaked pastures

A rainbow closeup

Another kestrel looking back at me

A hint of rainbow in the eastern sunset sky

Robin robins robins


  1. Most of those should have made it first time round. Wonderful skies as ever - you must spend a lot of time looking up!

  2. Lots of color! Beautiful sky shots. I had to keep telling myself that the moon shot was not taken over a snow-covered hill, but that white stuff is clouds. The second kestrel appears to be asking, "Now just who are you pointing that camera at, young lady?"

  3. Hard to believe another month has passed. That sure is a bunch of robins being filmed by robin. Loved the sunset sky. So calming.

  4. John-- I do spend a lot of time looking up, and it's pretty challenging for my poor old arthritic neck. Glad you liked the pics.

    CCorax-- I had given up on seeing the full moon rise. Hadn't seen it since October. The day after the full moon, around 9:30 pm, I thought I should check the sky once more, just in case. And there it was, with that crazy colorful cloud. I ran out there barefoot and stood on the rain-soaked bench to take the very shaky shot. I actually love the craziness of the image. Ah yes, the kestrel and I having a bit of a moment!

    Arkansas Patti-- Time flies, even when the days are cloudy and we have cabin fever. We have been so surprised by how many robins there are here. So glad you liked that sunset sky.

  5. lovely photos, especially the kestrel.

  6. lovely photos, especially the kestrel.

  7. Kestrel hunting or kestrel, hunting. Either works in that context.

  8. Nora-- It is so good to hear from you! Really glad you liked the photos.

    paullamb-- Yes, it works either way!

  9. i lurv all the photos. i enlarged the moon shot and it is quite moody.

  10. Tara-- Thank you! I was so happy I went out to see if there was any chance the moon was visible. Yup!

    Val-- Thank you so much!

  11. Very nice photos Robin! We used to have kestrels around here, but they seemed to have been replaced by a couple of Kites.

  12. Pat-- Glad you liked the photos. We have both Kestrels and Kites. In fact, they do seem to hunt the same pastures. Sure is great to see them.