Monday, January 18, 2016

January Blue

It's been another week of rainy weather with brief respites of "run outside and look around" bursts of sunlight. I'm typing this on Sunday, and we have gotten almost three inches of rain in the past 24 hours and lots more on the way. So I took a look at the photos of the past week to remind myself of what the lighter moments looked like. It sure is nice to have a visual record, otherwise I might have convinced myself that the sky had not been blue for forever.

Sometimes called the Cheshire or Wet Moon of Winter on Monday
.01 inch of rain

Varied Thrush looking for worms in the rain-soaked yard on Tuesday
.66 inch of rain

Two ravens were having words with a hawk on Wednesday
.46 inch of rain

 Venus in the morning sky on our suburban street on Thursday
.69 inch of rain

Multi-layers of dark, light, and sunlit clouds on Friday
.29 inch of rain

The moon waxing eloquently on Saturday
.07 inch of rain


  1. The rain has eased off here at the moment so we have had a few frost meaning ice on the windscreens to scrap off in the morning. Work up to a smattering of snow yesterday.

  2. I just love your photograph of the moon smiling down on the earth.

  3. Lewis Carroll is grinning like the Cheshire Cat to know a moon phase has been named for one of his characters. I'm grinning at the moon waxing eloquently. And I'm sure whatever words my cousins are having with the hawk, those words are quite clever.

  4. Holy. Moly. It let me comment from home!! Probably because I'm to be logged into gmail or something.

  5. That is a lot of rain but I am amazed at the regular appearance of the blue sky on such rainy days.
    Haven't seen one of those Thrushes. Quite a handsome bird.

  6. Bill-- Glad to hear it stopped raining there. Snow sounds like fun!

    NCmountainwoman-- The first time Roger and I saw a moon like this was last year, about the same time of the year. I hadn't ever seen one like it before. So I googled around and found the name. Ah, Cheshire. Glad to see it again.

    CCorax-- I love the thought of Lewis Carroll grinning like a Cheshire cat. I went out to look for atmospheric optics and found the hawk and ravens instead. They were quite raucous in their conversation. So glad you could comment! I love hearing from you. I always have to be logged in to gmail in order to comment. It won't let me otherwise.

    Arkansas Patti-- Whenever there is a hint of light in the otherwise gray skies, I'm out there looking for something rainbow-y or colorful. It happens every now and then. The Varied Thrush was one of the first birds I noticed when we moved to the Olympic Peninsula in 2004. It made me a birdwatcher.

  7. Robin,

    I bet I was looking at the Cheshire moon at about the same time you did last Monday, but I was on snowshoes. We've had quite a bit of snow on the ground this winter. A bit unexpected for us in an El Nino year. Getting out on snowshoes, even at 0F does wonders for our winter cabin fever. I suspect our dry cold is better more comfortable than your wet chilly weather.

  8. def59485-- I love knowing that we were looking at this moon at the same time. Ah, but you were on snowshoes on a cold winter day. I was watching between very wet storms for a moment of sunlight. One sky over us all! Always so good to hear from you. Thank you for stopping by.