Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Wordless Wednesday: Black Turnstone


  1. New bird to me and a nice capture. As Bill noted, I like how it is considering your presence.

  2. Bill-- It was wary, but very accommodating.

    Loren-- Thank you.

    John-- Yes!

    Arkansas Patti-- As the Cornell Ornithology website says, "The Black Turnstone is one of the defining species for the rocky, wave-battered Pacific Coast. It blends in well with the dark rocks, but a careful winter observer will find it from Alaska through Baja California. It is rarely found far from the vicinity of spraying waves." It's a pretty little bird local to the Pacific coast.

  3. Great photograph. I've never seen one and your angle is perfect.

  4. NCmountainwoman-- Thank you!

    Tara-- Thank you!