Sunday, March 20, 2016


Roger and I are on the road. We arrived at Roger's family beach house on Saturday afternoon after a long drive south from Humboldt County through the wine country, the city of San Francisco, and down to Capitola. It's 356 miles (573 km). Yes we arrived absolutely exhausted, but as soon was we opened the blinds and looked out at Monterey Bay we were invigorated. Interestingly, the view we saw out the window was different from what we usually see. Capitola Beach was full of driftwood, lots and lots of it in various piles and sizes. We don't remember seeing so much driftwood here in all the years we've looked out at this beach. There has been a lot of rain this winter here, and this is what the rain brought. It also brought out lots of people to the beach and some wonderful spontaneous driftwood art and structures. We walked down and took a look. This is what we saw.

On Monday we're driving another 350 miles south to see my mom and help her get ready for her big move to Virginia to live with my older brother on his 80 acres of land. So much to do, but always glad we get to stop in Capitola for a respite between our home behind the redwood curtain and the absolute populated madness of southern California. Wish us luck!


  1. Luckapalooza!
    Love the drifty artistry.

  2. I always enjoy your pics- these are terrific! Safe travels and I hope your mom is well

  3. Folks are getting creative with the driftwood . I could use some for the new succulent bed I am planning!

    Safe travels, and we'll meet you there next week!

  4. Long long drive! That's really a lot of driftwood -- and some very fun sculptures!

    Sending much love for your mom's move, so far away.

    You know about skype, right?


  5. Oh, those pictures make me want to visit a West Coast beach.

  6. Zowie. I've never seen driftwood like that on Capitola Beach ever. That's a bit crazy. Good journey and happy trails.

  7. RPowers-- It was totally cool, and most of it gone by the high tide.

    kenju-- Thank you, so glad you liked the pics.

    Tara-- We loved the creativity. The beach was just humming with activity. Yes, next weekend!

    kathy a-- It is such a long drive. The first 145 miles is through the winding forests of Humboldt County. Things only start to calm down at Ukiah. Yes, we're already planning to do a lot of skyping with my mom.

    jo(e)-- I hope you get to take trip west. It's the best!

    jsk-- We couldn't believe it. So much driftwood. The drive down was stunningly spring green everywhere. Truly beautiful.

  8. I loved seeing all the driftwood and creations on the beach after a big winter storm. Thanks for letting me relive it. And your mom leaving for Virginia when she's got 75% of you in Ca.!? You may have to take that plane ride yet.

  9. I mean 75% of her kids, of course!

  10. How great a beach house to say in. That drift wood would come in handy for a wood burner least it would for me.

  11. please travel well, have fun, good luck, bon voyage, our warm wishes to your mom, we hope we will see you soon.

  12. That looked like a debris field rather than driftwood at first. Cool to see the locals putting it to creative use.
    Hope your mom is doing well and you have a great visit.

  13. Something about that ocean air is so reviving; wonderful driftwood art!
    Good luck with the moving project for your mom.

  14. linda-- It was a hard decision for all of us to make. We wanted her with us, but the medical care in Humboldt County is dreadful. My brother is just outside of Charlottesville where there is a fine medical school. The best place for a senior citizen to be. Roger and I are already planning on taking the Amtrak across country!

    Bill-- That wood would take a while to dry, but there is plenty of it! Roger's grandparents bought the house in 1938. Now their great-great grandchildren visit it.

    Steve-- We arrived safe and sound. I will tell my mom of your good wishes.

    Arkansas Patti-- It was quite a sight to see all that wood strewn about. Pretty unusual and quite beautiful. My mom is doing well and happy that we are here!

    isabelita-- Yes! We open that door and let the salt air in and we are absolutely revived. Thank you for your good wishes.

  15. Having access to a beach house overlooking Monterey Bay has to be one of the coolest things ever.

    I meant to ask earlier about your mother. That's going to be a long, long way off. Of course, she was already quite a drive from where you live now. Driving becomes out of the question when it's coast-to-coast to most people, so the actual travel time, should you visit, will be less than the drive down to SoCal. Anyway, I hope everything goes well for you all.

  16. Amazing amount of driftwood. Hope all goes well with your mother's move.

  17. Mark-- That house has been in Roger's family since his grandparents bought it in 1938. It's a wonderful thing. We're not happy about my mom being so far away, and I don't fly. So, it looks like Amtrak trips are in our future.

    NCmountainwoman-- We were so surprised by that scene, so much driftwood. Thank you for your good wishes.