Monday, April 25, 2016

Our Quiet Week

I had to go back to my photos to remind myself what we've been up to for the past few days. The rains returned on Thursday, and we've been spending quiet time indoors reading, cooking, baking, and screaming at the political news. You know, the usual.
It was fun to remember that just the other day we saw out first swallowtail butterfly of the season, and it turned out to be an Anise Swallowtail. That was a nice surprise. We always expect it to be a Western Swallowtail.
We also liked seeing our first bright red dragonfly. Oh, we do love these dazzling colors of spring.
Even the skypool reflections had so much wonderful depth and swirly beauty.
The day before the rains came, the sky was as bright as it could be. The wispy cirrus clouds spread so widely across, it made even our suburban street scene look like art to me.
I had been looking forward to the full moon rising, but my hopes were almost completely dashed by the storm front. Just as the cloudy sky darkened for night, I peaked out the window looking east and saw this. It didn't last long, just 15 minutes of parted clouds for a glimpse.

It was definitely enough to make me happy.


  1. Crimson pepper pod
    add two pairs of wings, and look
    darting dragonfly.

    Such variety in these photos! The anise swallowtail is as lovely as one could hope. Your red dragonfly is doubtless a completely different specie than anything out here (heck even the red ones our here are all different species, cannot be reliable IDed except in hand). Skypools: They look almost alive; we can feel the movement, the rock and sway, the morphing of shape in your beautiful photo. The cloud photo could be used by the local chamber of commerce to promote the town, the clouds lend so much class to the scene. And the moon series would make a great wall poster. I do think that clouds enhance moon scenes.

  2. I could do with a week like this (apart from the screaming about the news).

  3. CCorax-- It's been rainy, and when the sun does finally shine, it gets very windy. Just got back from a walk at the marsh, 30 mph winds and no birds. But the sunlight on the water in the wind makes a great little video! Glad you liked these photos. I like clouds and moon too, except when the clouds block the entire thing. Sigh.

    Pablo-- Take a week like this, heck take TWO! It's good for renewal, like spring. C'mon don't you want to scream about politics?

  4. As always, your photos are such a treat!

  5. Could relate to the screaming at the news. I am now just fast forwarding through the political stuff. Love that little red dragonfly. Such a cutie.
    You didn't see the moon all at once but the sum total of your shots add up to all of it. Well done.

  6. Sabine-- Thank you!

    Arkansas Patti-- We read a lot of news on the internet. So, we are yelling a bit more lately. So nutty, our crazy country. Really glad you liked the dragonfly and the moon as it rose through the clouds.

  7. Good comic detail about the screaming! There's so much evidence of a world going mad that it's nice to try distraction by looking at your sweet images.
    Feel like there's a perpetual silent scream going on.

  8. Nice shots. I don't believe I have seen a red dragonfly. Leah and I don't scream at the political news, but we're getting dizzy from rolling our eyes.

  9. isabelita-- It's true about our ranting over politics. One of us will say, "Did you see this..." and that's the beginning of another dismal report about the times we are living in. Yes, the natural world is our only sanity anymore.

    Mark-- I'm surprised that you don't see red dragonflies. I always just assumed they were everywhere. Glad you liked the photos, and eye rolling is a good response to the insanity.

  10. Your blog is a nice escape from all the dismal news. I had a laugh at the screaming! Sometimes we are saying to each other "did you hear this" also. I love the moon collage. I am a moon person too.

  11. Nora-- We laugh about the screaming too. I'm so glad you like the moon collage. It's really just a screen grab of downloads from my camera. I love watching the full moon rise.

  12. I've taken a zillion photos and never have I taken a decent one. Do you use a tripod to do it? Great photos Robin.

  13. Pat-- I don't use a tripod. I'm pretty steady when I'm taking a photo.