Monday, May 09, 2016


The weather has been bleak. No sunshine for a week, and low-laying clouds nearly down to the ground. I have often wondered about the amazing depth of clouds that they can seriously block something as powerful as the sun from shining through. I remember wondering years and years ago when I first started noticing atmospheric optics if such a sight was dependent upon particular elevation or location. I began to understand that they do actually happen everywhere, and I have photographed such sights in lots of skies in different places. BUT, the sun has to have a hand in it. For the most part no sun, no crazy rainbow halo iridescent arc of a lightshow. It has been bleak here.
So when the sun came out for five minutes the other day and a big cloud towered above the horizon, I ran out just to be reminded of a sky not shrouded in gray. I clicked a photo.
But then, a little hummer flew by to see what I was up to. Not really. It ignored me and went straight for this interesting plant just outside our fence in front of our house.
I turned my attention from the sky and focused on the hummingbird. It hung around getting what little nectar there could be from these barely opened buds.
It let me stand there, so close, and zoom in to get a good look at it. I liked how much the plant and hummingbird looked alike.

See what happens when the sun comes out. It's magic I tell you, pure magic!


  1. The ability and power of the clouds is certainly shield the sun out at times. I find beauty in them. And I LOVE that hummingbird shot.

  2. Wow! The hummingbird and the plant. Exquisite.

  3. Sweet photos, and you know I'm wondering what that plant is...

  4. A grounded flower and a winged flower. Magic as well is your engagement with the beauty of the world: You love it, you live in it, you engage with it, and you share it with us.
    I'm glad you had those five minutes of sun. We just came through eight days of rain and clouds. Now that the sun is shining, everyone is in a great mood. I thought of you during the week whenever I wanted to feel sorry for myself; I recalled that compared to your winters, 8 days is nothing.

  5. Great shot of the hummer. I can never seem to catch one when it isn't darting. Hope you get many more sunny days soon. I know you like to be out and about.

  6. Optimistic Existentialist-- I love the sun and clouds together. They make the most beautiful atmospheric optics. A heavy cloud cover blocks everything. So sad. Glad you liked the photos. And thank you so much for stopping by.

    am-- Thank you for that. I loved how much they looked alike.

    isabelita-- Glad you liked the photos. I'm going to ask my SIL later today to help me identify the plant. He's a landscape designer; he'll know!

    CCorax-- Yes! A grounded flower and a winged flower. I love that. The sun just came out here, and if the weather forecast has any truth to it, we'll have sunshine for a few days. YAY! Glad you have the sun back too.

    Arkansas Patti-- Thank you for that. We do have the sun today. It arrived later than expected, but oh my it sure is lovely to have that light and warmth.

  7. Those are great hummer photos. I love them. They are a wonder to watch, and they sometimes actually seem to interact with us. They'll fly up and stare at us for a while, like they're trying to figure us out, or maybe tell us that the feeder needs filling. Unfortunately, since we will be moving soon, we aren't feeding them this season. We don't know whether the new owners would continue the practice, so we don't want to set the hummers up for a disappointment.

  8. Mark-- We stopped feeding the hummers in Grass Valley when the bear knocked their feeder to the ground and finally broke it. They came around for a while, but figured out there was no more food. I think once you hang a feeder out at the new house, they'll show up pretty quickly. Really glad you like the photos!