Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Almost Wordless Wednesday: Imagination

What do you see? I see...

A Bird in profile

A Cow

A Reindeer

So many things!
A Great-horned Owl

Clouds kissing
2 Buddhas!


  1. Amazing! I love stuff like this. The so many things photo, looks like Albert Einstein.

  2. 1=Buddha
    4=post with morning glories blooms
    5=many people (mustachioed beat poet; man wearing a crown; Kurt Vonnegut)
    6=house sparrow

  3. Pat-- I see Einstein too! Glad you like these photos.

    CCorax- I love seeing what you see. Thank you for sharing that.

  4. great photos! The Buddha popped out right away, also a Native American sitting crosslegged. I can't see the reindeer in 4 but a pointy headed, open mouthed ghost with outreaching arms!

  5. Your cow is a chicken to me. And "so many things" includes an evil man with one eye watching him.

    I love imagining such shapes in nature and everyday objects. And I'm always building little rock cairns.

  6. linda-- Thank you so much for sharing what you see. Roger can't see the deer in four either. Maybe it's a giraffe. LOL!

    NCmountainwoman-- Yes, I see the evil man in that "so many things" fence too. That image is what started my fascination with fence art!

  7. Leah and I both thought those pictures are fascinating. We both saw Einstein, so that's one very smart fence.

  8. Mark-- So glad you liked these. It's fun to find art and images everywhere.

  9. That cow is most certainly a hog. Seriously. What a great imagination you have. I see pictures in the bathroom tile floor. I've often thought of drawing them. But you've given me the idea to photograph them !

  10. Tara-- I can't wait to see what you're seeing in the bathroom tile. The world is full of cool images everywhere.

  11. I like this game! I see shapes in everything. I can see all of yours and agree with you too! It is all in the imagination.

  12. Love this post!
    Amazing the Buddha and clouds kissing.
    So many thing that our imagination can see...
    Have a nice Sunday.

  13. Nora-- So glad you liked this. I love looking at the world this way.

    sonia-- Thank you so much. Really glad you liked this. Beauty everywhere!

  14. It was my pleasure, Robin Andrea!