Sunday, June 12, 2016

Not The Post I Had Planned

I was going to write a post about the minus tide walk at Trinidad Beach that we took last Wednesday morning. It turned out to be World Oceans Day as well. We felt so lucky to be out there in a place of such beauty and abundance of life.

But contemplating such beauty on Sunday, when I started to write this post, seemed so out of place on the day another mass shooting has taken place in my country.
What words and images are there that could balance such horror? And really, why even try?
We cannot look away from the carnage that is produced by guns and madmen here.

How many more dead will it take for the clamor of ENOUGH IS ENOUGH is finally heard?
I'm afraid more than I can count.

So, all I have are photos of our minus tide walk and sadness for the times we are living in.


  1. The photos are beautiful! What are those ring-like growths (beings?)?
    A factoid I saw online said that the automatic weapon the guy used, an AR-15, the consumer version of the military M-16 (WTF??) is the most popular gun in the U.S. Watch a bump in sales over the next few weeks.
    The photos are truly remarkably beautiful. I would love to know more about them if you're up to it.

  2. CCorax-- They're sea anemones. Truly beautiful little predatory animals! Try googling sea anemone trinidad beach, and then check out the images. Stunning little creatures they are.

    I am broken-hearted about our country's obsession with guns. Enough. Seriously, I have had enough.

  3. His ex-wife said there was something seriously wrong with the shooter mentally. He had been interviewed as a potential risk and yet he was able to get clearance to work in a security firm and buy the weapons fairly recently. We aren't willing to deal with mental illness and aren't serious about preventing someone the FBI regarded as a possible risk, someone evidently connected to a Islamic radical religious leader who had been arrested but then freed. We aren't serious enough about dealing with fundamentalist cells and that includes Christian groups who plot murders like the abortion clinic. Hate is growing in the world. Some blame the US for it all but that's not realistic. When ISIS is willing to skin a man alive as punishment, we aren't the only nation with a problem. I am broken-hearted too but about the lack of empathy and heart that so many feel for anyone but themselves like the man who killed the singer just the day before this shooting. What has gone wrong with people's hearts?

  4. Lovely photos as usual. I wish we had easy answers for our problems. I too am going to hide in my blog and photography.

    1. Dave-- I wish there were easy answers. Beauty is the best way to respond right now.

  5. "In such ugly times, the only true protest is beauty" - Phil Ochs.

  6. Leah asked where he could have bought the rifle he used. I told her Walmart sells military-style, semi-automatic rifles. Madmen, indeed.

  7. Rain-- You ask the question that I've been wondering, "what is wrong with people's hearts?" I wish I had an answer and a magic elixir.

    John-- Thank you so much for reminding me of Phil Ochs. I listened to him for years when I was in my teens. I love this quote.

    Mark-- Wow, people can go shopping for food, clothes, and guns. That's the best one-stop shopping ever! Our country is CRAZY.

  8. Beautiful and poignant post, Robin. Such a lovely place to go in times of sorrow. Thanks for sharing it.

  9. Having spent many of the Vietnam War years finding solace at the ocean, this post comes as a powerful statement about the darkness that has been a part of our lifetime, our parents' lifetimes, and beyond into all of human history as well as the beauty and light that is side by side with it.

  10. Robin, I echo those sentiments shared by those that see the natural beauty as an antidote for all the madness in the world. There is action that needs to be taken to prevent more gun violence, but today, right now, the wonderful photographs of the sea and its creatures are a peaceful respite. Also, Do you mind if I post your sea anenome picture (photo credit will be given)?

  11. NCmountainwoman-- I'm glad you liked this. In these times, beauty is the only balance, although I wouldn't mind a bit of sanity.

    am-- It is a wonderful thing that the ocean can provide so much comfort and beauty. We have lived in such challenging times, but the tides are always there to remind us of the greater forces of our planet.

    lindaj-- I don't think any action will be taken. Money and power speak louder than the tears of children. Yes, of course, you can post my picture. I'm glad you like it!