Monday, June 06, 2016

The Dream

When I started thinking about Indigo's dream, it reminded me of something I had long forgotten. Indigo and Elena grew up there off of Highway 96 in Seiad Valley. Their house was on Seaid Creek Road. (If you click on the photo below, you'll see the road.)
The red marker is where The Wildwood is located
Roger and their mom moved there from the coast in 1980-81. Indigo was three years old, and Elena was born there. They went to a small elementary school that combined many grades in one classroom. Later, they took a school bus 18 miles one way to Happy Camp High School everyday. This wild land was their backyard. It helps me to understand their love, affinity for, and attachment to such a remote place.

Indigo has been leasing a building here that was built in 1929. I didn't take a photo of it while we there, but I found this on Google Maps earth view.
The Wildwood has been a restaurant and bar, but not for quite some time. It's on 4 1/2 acres just outside of town.
Part of her dream is to restore the place into a working restaurant. She is an incredible cook; her dishes are inventive and delicious.

She grows her own veggies and raises and butchers her own meat. (She also paints her own signs!) The restaurant dream may take the longest time to come to fruition. Lots to be done to make the place into a working business again.
One arrow points to the trail, one to the Wildwood. A few hundred feet apart.
Part of her dream is to have the long-distance hikers who hike the Pacific Crest Trail camp on the land at Wildwood. The PCT quite fortuitously goes right past the old place. She would like to provide hot-water showers, bathroom and laundry facilities, places to cook their own food, or provide food for them. We think any hiker who crosses paths with Indigo here will be a lucky hiker indeed. This dream is close to being realized.

Part of her dream is to have the local Farmer's Market held there at the Wildwood. That happened for the first time on Saturday, June 3rd.
Part of her dream is to raise her beautiful daughter in these wild mountains, with her partner whose tribal lands are here. They will be handing down a tradition of love and hard work to the next generation.

This is why we drive the long and winding road to get here.


  1. I sincerely hope that love and hard work are still the vital ingredient to success. In my hiking days I'd have jumped for joy to find such a place.

  2. I hope that all of her dreams come true :)

  3. Thank you. Just thank you. Looking at the maps, I wish I had grown up there, or that people would start moving the hell out of western Mass instead of trying to get rich by turning it into a sprawling city.
    Indigo's dream is surely the most beautiful aspiration I've read about. It's honest, it's loving, it's giving, and it is rooted in and grows from a profound respect for the earth. From the bottom of my heart, I wish her all success.

  4. It's a good dream. I hope it works out for her. From my experience with rural businesses, a lot of it is to be sure it fits the zoning, sounds like that should, and then that it grows organically without having to take out a loan. The government with regulations can get into the game where food is involved and lots of red tape can make it tough but not impossible.

  5. John-- When I think about the hikers, I think how happy they'll be to find Indigo. Oh the stories they'll tell around the campfires!

    Optimistic Existentialist-- Thank you! I plan to keep everyone posted here about the progress.

    CCorax-- I think we need more wild spaces, and people should absolutely gather in cities and towns. I have grown to truly despair over our encroachment on every bit of wilderness left. Luckily this land is so crazily remote that hardly anyone in their right mind would want to live there. Well, except for the few in the rightest of minds who plan to leave a very small footprint. I'll keep you posted about her successes, and thank you for cheering her on!

    Rain-- I like your very practical advice. We were talking about the regulations when it comes to food prep. It's a big hurdle. We'll see what the future brings.

  6. I love this post. It's great to see people following their dreams. I learned quite a bit about the PCT when I read Cheryl Strayed's book, "Wild." Fascinating.

  7. NCmountainwoman-- I knew if anyone had read "Wild" they would know this trail and the beauty of this dream, both Indigo's and the hikers.

  8. I hope her dream will come true. I enjoyed this so much, Robin!

  9. Sabine-- Thank you! We're hoping too!

  10. It's a dream worth having, and following.

  11. What a wonderful scenario! Hope she has a business plan. I think a lot of the through-hikers can pay. She can engage in some campsite socialism. Good Luck! I'd love to hike through there when she gets it running.

  12. Mark-- We think so too. Really looking forward to watching it unfold.

    Phil-- Indigo definitely has a plan. The campers will pay a small fee. I will keep you posted when this is up and running.

  13. It is an awesome thing to have a dream. It usually takes an amazing person to see it through. It sounds like will do it!

  14. Pat-- We are looking forward to watching this dream unfold.