Monday, July 04, 2016

A Walk and A Hawk

The skies cleared so we headed out for a walk at the marsh. We never know what we're going to see out there. And lately it's been full of surprises, like those thousands of crabs, or the river otter ambling its way up the creek.

On this day I noticed a Red-shouldered Hawk in a snag. It was pretty far away, but I always like getting a shot of these beauties, so I zoomed in. This was the close-up.
We were headed in its direction and expected it to fly off any second, as hawks have always done when we approach. But this one stayed.
We thought that was rather nice of it. But we were getting closer and closer. Surely it was going take to the skies. But it didn't. We walked right below it, on the bridge where we had stood a few days before to get the movie of the crabs. We looked up at it, it looked down at us. Literally and figuratively.
Silly humans, can't you see that I'm hunting? Yes, I'm beautiful, but please move on. I've got work to do.

Okay, okay we moved on!


  1. Birds are strange at times, some you cannot get any where near others will let you come close but ever wary

  2. My guess would be that he'd just eaten a hearty meal and was busy digesting it - I base this theory entirely on my own increasing inability to get going again after lunch!

  3. Such an impressive bird, or should I say bird personality, birdonality? Thank you.

  4. I love hawks. I've been able to get really close to them.

  5. Beautiful the Red-shouldered Hawk!
    I enlarged the pictures to see better. Great photos, Robin Andrea.

  6. Bill-- Yes, "ever wary." I like that.

    John-- A wonderful analysis of the scene. I like thinking s/he was content and full, and not the least bit interested in flying at the moment.

    Sabine-- A birdonality! It did definitely project its sense of self.

    Sharon-- We see Red-shouldered hawks pretty often at the marsh, but this is the closest we've ever gotten. How cool that you get close to them. I hope you take photos!

  7. My husband took photos of the Southern Crested Caracara, a bird of prey in the family Falconidae, near our house. If you have the time, please, click on Crested Caracara.
    I hope the link works!

  8. Sonia-- So glad you enlarged the photos. They really show pretty good details. The link is great. I love seeing that Southern Crested Caracara. If I ever traveled, it would be to see beauty like this all around the world.

  9. Wow, that is several awesome shots. Such crispness with a zoom. You sure have a steady hand.
    He does appear to be looking you right in the eye.

    1. Arkansas Patti-- Really glad you liked these photos. He did pose quite well, didn't he!

  10. We have lots of hawks up on the mountain. I love to see them, and I love their call.

    You did handle the zoom well.

  11. Good job. And, of course, you're right...hawks almost always beat a retreat as soon as they catch a glimpse of you. There must have been some really great pickin's there that the hawk didn't want to forego.

  12. Mark-- We are always glad to see a hawk in the neighborhood too. A lovely glimpse at wildlife.

    Scott-- That's the way it has always been before with hawks. This one surprised us by staying and letting us get closer and closer.