Monday, July 11, 2016

Another Minus Tide Walk

Last month we took a minus tide walk at Trinidad Beach. When I went to write about it a few days later, the murder of 49 people had just happened at The Pulse in Orlando. While I tried to write that post, it was hard to remember the beauty while contemplating the violence in our country. And here we are a month later with the sad coincidence of a minus tide and more raging gun violence. On the morning we had planned a walk at Luffenholz Beach we woke to the news of yet another brutal shooting. We went for the walk anyway and found solace in our beautiful natural world. So, come take this walk with us, and see how we forget the sad tug at our hearts and turn our eyes on the pull of the tides.
Houda Cove is about a 15 minute drive from our house, and a five minute hike down some stairs and steep bluff trail. The entrance to this beach is so perfectly dramatic for what we are about to see.
This is Camel Rock (or Little River Rock) only approachable at a minus tide. It is splendid to walk to it.

In every direction we turn is something that takes our breath away and makes us walk over for closer looks.
We see more anemones here than we've seen anywhere else. Lots of seastars too. This rock was teeming with life. Such a lovely balance to the news.
We love the colors of these anemones so much, just had to zoom in for a better look.
We were just giggling with delight when we had this encounter with a crab that had a seastar on its back. "Hello," we said, but it just gave us that crabby look.

The closeup views of life on this beach made us so happy. It was the perfect balance to the madness in the world. We turned our eyes back to the bigger view.
On this day the fog hugged Trinidad Head in the most lovely way. I wondered what it might have been like to be there in that fog. What would Houda Cove have looked like from there?
The fog came in and blew out, over and over. Changing the light and the scenery so dramatically.
We walked and walked, taking it all in, leaving the world behind us as we ventured on.
We wanted to forget our country and its violence, and we did while we were out there. We left with gratitude in our hearts for what our beautiful planet offers us.

And then, on Friday we woke to the news of five police officers being shot at a demonstration protesting violence. Oh America, please stop.


  1. This minus tide walk looks amazing!! Thank you for taking us along with you :) and I love the crabby crab pic.

  2. It never stops the best thing you did was to go for a walk like that and for get the world around you, I like to go to my caravan in Wales to do that

  3. Refreshing images, such a contrast with this country's civil woes; thank you for posting your walk.

  4. The crab is awesome. I'm glad you posted your walk. It's a welcome distraction.

  5. You did the right thing to reconnect with what is right with this world during troubled times. It is necessary to keep us from stumbling under the weight of all the scary and hate filled events we must witness on a daily basis. I enjoyed the walk with you.

  6. Optimistic Existentialist-- Glad you liked the walk and the crab. We did too!

    Bill-- It's true, it never stops. I keep thinking it will, and humans will come to their senses, but that never happens. I'm glad you have a place for respite.

    isabelita-- Yes, our country's woes definitely a contrast of beauty for balance.

    Sharon-- We were so happy to see that crab. There was a seal too, but it hardly stayed above water long enough for me to get a good pic. (But I did get a lousy pic, and even that made me happy!)

    Arkansas Patti-- I wake up every morning wondering what walk we should take to balance the scary and hate-filled events of our world. Glad you liked this walk.

  7. So happy to be invited along on your walk. So beautiful! I can smell the sea air through cyber space. We've been spending a lot of time with friends of late and it really does help bear the pain of the world.

  8. Tara-- Friends are as wonderful balm as the beauty of the earth.

  9. I want that crab. With butter.

    1. No way. That crab loves its life and that beach and those tides. I'm pretty sure s/he thinks you should be a vegan!