Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Come Take A Walk With Us

 The weather warmed up and the skies were blue. We looked out the window and shouted, "Let's go to the marsh." Here is a bit of what we saw out there.

Our beautiful clear blue sky day

American Avocets on their migration journey

Mallard mama and her ten ducklings

A Cormorant who was hanging out with the ducks

A song sparrow perched on the dried head of a teasel flower

A Ruddy duck whose partner was just out of view

This walk reminded me of what once was our normal life. It felt so familiar and comforting. The natural world unfolds in its seasonal beauty. The birds are nesting. Our garden is planted. Our hearts are grateful. We hope you are all doing well and appreciate you stopping by and joining us on our walk.

Monday, April 19, 2021


This is why we let our dandelions live. The Pine Siskin comes and enjoys the seeds in spring time. Perhaps she'll take some to feed the young ones in the nest.

Still quiet times here. It's been foggy, gray, and cold. Not much opportunity for any photography or for even a nice long walk. 

I could do a a whole long diatribe about the current events of my country. We know you know how we feel, so I will keep my fist clenching anger to myself. Grrrrr. Are we ever going to wake up? Whoops, I started to go there. 

We hope you are all doing well, staying safe and healthy. 

Monday, April 12, 2021

Still Not Much Going On...

 ...but here's a Great Egret we saw out at the marsh on a lovely sunny day last week. 

I liked the reflection. It's definitely nesting season here on the north coast. Birds are flying everywhere with twigs and dried grasses, heading to their secret places. The male ravens are still squawking madly over finding mates and flying after each other ready to assert their dominance. The hummingbirds have stopped coming to the feeder. It's been a few weeks since I've seen one. I keep changing the nectar every three days, but no one shows up. I think they're busy making nests and babies. I hope they return. 

Roger has been busy building a sauna in the garage. He has built a sauna in every house we've ever lived in. This is the longest we've gone without taking a sauna... more than FIVE YEARS! If you know our sauna history you know that on our very first date we went out to dinner. At that dinner Roger mentioned that he loved saunas. I said "Yay! I love a good sauna too." He replied that that was great news because he had packed towels in the car and knew of a wonderful place to go for a good sweat. So we went to Kiva Retreat in Santa Cruz and started a ritual that we've practiced for the past 30 years... well until now. But that's about to change. The sauna is being built and soon we will start up our mellow relaxing home retreats again. If you search the blog for the word "sauna" you'll see all the saunas Roger has built. This one is pretty interesting. He's building it in a way that it can be disassembled and taken with us if we ever move again. Yay, said I!

I got my second vaccine shot on April 2nd. So, this Friday it will be two weeks past the date that says I'm okay to venture a bit more out into the world... maybe. Still going to wear a mask and practice every precaution we can, but there really is something about feeling safe that takes a bit of the edge off of these crazy times. We may actually go shopping for things other than food. Wouldn't that be wild? 

That's life here in Northern California. Stay well and safe, friends, and thank you for stopping by.