Thursday, September 29, 2022

When A Tree Looks Back

My twin brother was waiting in a parking lot the other day. He took a look around and noticed that this tree was looking back at him. It's the bark of a Eucalyptus tree.

I hope you'll click on the pic to get a look at that eye. You see it, don't you? It sees you too!

Monday, September 26, 2022

Just Waving Hello

 It's been pretty quiet here lately. So we thought we'd just wave hello and say how much we appreciate  you stopping by.

We noticed this charming skeletal chap when we were out on one of our walks. He waved at us like all of our neighbors do. Yes, we waved back. Wouldn't you? Such a nice friendly neighborhood. Now you know why we love it here.

Hope all is well for you, we're waving hello!

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Two Days of Sky

I don't think I've ever seen so many different kinds of clouds or atmospheric optics all over the sky as I have these past two days. It's been a whirlwind of beauty in every direction. So I thought I'd share a bit of that here. 

Crepuscular rays just before sunset looking west

Anti-crepuscular rays looking east

A hint of iridescence
So many different kinds of clouds in one moment

Sky full of Undulatus in the morning


And then the sky did this Tuesday evening!

Two days of sky full of beauty.

Monday, September 19, 2022

A Very Weird Sunday

Sunday is our usual shopping day. We head out to the co-op at 9:00 am to buy our groceries and most importantly (because I am a bread-a-holic) two very fine loaves of locally made bread, a sliced Whole Wheat Bread and a Levain with Walnuts (yum!). 

So, we arrived at the co-op, got the bread into the cart, and then pulled out the shopping list to get the rest of what we needed. Headed over to the dairy section and discovered it was almost empty. There were very few containers of the milk we usually get and the ones that were there were one day away from their "Best Buy" date. That's never happened before. Then we went to get tahini so I could make some yummy homemade hummus. Uh-oh there was no tahini. Not a single jar. That's crazy. So, we did the rest of our shopping there and headed over to the local Safeway to see if they had milk and tahini. NOPE! No organic milk, no tahini at all. How is that possible? So, we went to the other little fine food market in town. Whew, they had two jars of tahini. Yes! I bought one. They had a few quarts of organic milk. Not nearly as many as usual there. It seems like our food supply chain has gotten very disrupted, and we have no idea why. It is quite unsettling because you know... we literally live on food. LOL. Are you noticing anything like this where you live?

In other news on Sunday we got some much-needed rain here. Not a lot, but enough to water the garden a bit and dampen the forests to lower the fire dangers of the season. It's unusual for us to have rain in September, but it was quite welcomed and with gratitude for no accompanying lightning. 

We haven't seen the skunks since that first night we saw them two weeks ago. We're sure  they must still be around, but not coming out at the times we might see them. We did see a very adorable young opossum in our compost bin. It was quite cute, and we were glad it had found some food. We're just hoping that it doesn't cross paths with the skunks in our yard. We've had those kinds of stinky encounters and really would prefer not to have another one. 

Oh I just remembered that I wanted to mention that a link to a blog that we have on our Blogs We Love To Read list disappeared on Sunday. Steve Reed's Shadows & Light no longer shows up in our list. The blog is still up and it is still listed in our settings, but on our blog links it's gone. How is that possible?

See what I mean? It was a very weird Sunday.

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Almost Wordless Wednesday: You Can't Beet This

 We were out in the garden  cleaning up some of the grow beds and getting them ready for some new fall plantings. Roger was pulling the beets out, which we hardly ate any of this year. He pulled out one that was the biggest we'd ever seen.

Is that the biggest beet you've ever seen? We were so surprised. It's in the compost bin now, and it's going to make a lot of bugs very happy.

Monday, September 12, 2022

Recent Sky Views

It had been so long since I wanted to run outside with the camera to click a photo of the sky. For most of the summer it was foggy and then for a while it was just clear blue sky and sunshine. But lately, as the season of light changes, there have been views that called me out.

A sunrise on the morning of September 7th. Just happy to see that light and hint of crepuscular rays.
 And this sunrise on September 10 in a wildfire smoky sky. The sun looked like the moon.

This was an hour before sunset on the 10th, the sky had hints of crepuscular rays and the sun lit a few clouds with color.


Sunrise on the morning of September 11th. Still a bit of haze and smoke on the 21st anniversary of that tragic day. 

And then... an hour before sunset on the 11th, the sky filled with crepuscular rays again. Made me think of these lyrics from The Lost Words Blessings, "Look to the sky with care my love, And speak the things you see..."

Wednesday, September 07, 2022

On The Wall

I wanted to post this photo of the painting that Roger's daughter Indigo painted for him for his birthday. She has so many talents. She is a teacher, a farmer, a rider of horses, a dedicated mom, and a wonderful artist. 



Roger was going to make a frame for it, but realized that he didn't have the right type of wood for it. So, I found an old poster that we had never hung, but stashed away in a closet. I thought it was time to put Indigo's beautiful birthday painting on the wall, and luckily it fit right in. So, Roger put it over the old poster, and now it hangs out with our other favorite art and photos.

I call this photo "On The Wall" -- get it? LOL! (Please click on the pic so you can see the whole thing.)

Monday, September 05, 2022

They're Back!

 It had been a while since we'd seen our furry neighbors. We even forgot about them. Then they showed up in our yard Saturday evening about a half hour before sunset.

 There are two skunks in this photo. They were digging around and rolling around and playing with each other out there. They are really very cute as long as you stay out of their way. We hadn't heard them or seen them at all, so it surprised us to see a third one come out from under our shed. Wow. They're still shacking up under there. Well they have been very quiet and polite. No stinky stench from them at all. I thought  that the third one might have been an offspring and that these two were mom and dad, but my sister-in-law thought that these two are probably siblings and that the third one that came out was probably their mom. No surprise that they ignored her. 

I did a little online research about skunks and was so surprised to see how long these critters have been here on earth. Encyclopedia Britannica had this information on their website about them.

The oldest fossil identified as a skunk dates to 11–12 million years ago and was discovered in Germany. Genetic data indicate the family originated about 30–40 million years ago, with mammals that displayed skunk-like dentition dating back to the Late Cretaceous Epoch (some 100.5 million to 66 million years ago).

And here they are millions of years later digging up bugs to eat in our backyard. We're always glad to see them as long as they don't spray. They can be very stinky little things. The other downside to them as they are the biggest carriers of rabies these days. We definitely stay out of their way.

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

We Love Good News

The post-colonoscopy report was excellent! We are so relieved and happy. The doctor was happy as well and told Roger that he won't need any future colonoscopies. Good news for an 80 year old geezer!

We'll be happy dancing and shouting our gratitude out to the universe for the peace this news brings. Now we can concentrate on the beauty of our little world.

The succulents in our garden are natural mandalas of peace. 

And the color of this rose just makes us happy for having enough free attention to see its beauty. 

And, of course, the piece de resistance, a wee bit of Coirvoisier. Ah tres bien, tres bien. 

Monday, August 29, 2022

It's Prepping Day

  Today is the day that Roger begins his prep for a colonoscopy on Tuesday. 

For those of you who have never had a colonoscopy, let's just say that this is not a fun day at all. It's a crappy day to say the least. But he's done it before, and knows what to expect. Back in 2010 Roger's doc suggested to him that he have a colonoscopy. He'd never had one before so he complied. The bad news was colon cancer followed by the good news of a successful surgery. Roger wrote about it here two years ago on the 10th anniversary. 

So it's been five years since the last colonoscopy and he figured it was time. So today is the prep day. First thing he has to do is go to the hospital at 8:30 am for a pre-colonoscopy Covid test. We are so appreciative of their  diligence about that. After that nose swab he will come home to this. In the above photo you will see the Prep Kit. That's for Monday. The Ensure and BioK extra is for after the colonoscopy on Tuesday  to help restore nutrition and rebuild the flora of the colon. 

The Courvoisier is for a bit later in the day to help him smile and forget the whole experience. 

We'll keep you posted. And thank you for all the good wishes we know you'll be sending his way.

Thursday, August 25, 2022

Fall Is Coming...

 .....and we are cleaning up the garden.

these are red runner bean plants on a trellis. they were on trial. which means that when i shopped for string bean seeds i saw those bright red flowers and was sold. well. the vines grew prolifically and flowered vigorously and stopped for a couple of weeks. then erupted into full on bean growing. 

but the string beans were kinda flat and got tough very quickly. also not at all amenable to harvesting ala lima beans. so we didn't eat very many beans but we did appreciate the bright red flowers. 

we feel the approach of fall so we cut the the beautiful flowers and not so tasty pods from the trellis.

we eat a lot of kale. this is one of 3 beds. we have 3 varieties. would you believe that kale is harder to give away than zucchini?
basil. flowering
we are getting to the last of the carrots.
potatoes grew here

Monday, August 22, 2022

Just Some Fun

I went out to photograph this lovely cloud formation, a light and wispy vertebratus formation below the sun.

When I downloaded the photos I noticed the big cloud down on the lower left. It made me laugh. How did I miss that cloud raising its arms for its successful hurdling over that tree. I love when a cloud jumps over a tree like that. LOL. 

For another laugh, I thought I'd share this photo that I posted on Facebook the other day. Roger went out to pick some carrots from the garden.

This is what he brought in. We had such a good laugh. We didn't know that carrots would hug and snuggle like this. Such a sweet (literally) embrace. 

And after all this time you would think we'd remember to check on the zucchinis out in the garden...

... but we forget every summer. This is our latest harvest. LOL!

It's good to laugh at jumping clouds, snuggling carrots, and zucchinis bigger than you'd ever guess they'd get. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

I Love Fossils

 I love fossils so much that I chose Evolutionary Anthropology for my major in college. I love the story ancient bones tell. If you search on the blog on the word "fossil" you'll see all the posts I've done over the years. The beach in Capitola was covered in rocks filled with fossils. A minus tide was my favorite time to walk along the cliff wall and see the ancient history of animals that had been there long before humans ever stepped a foot there. 

I found these two Sand Dollar fossils on the beach in Port Townsend, WA back in 2006. I gathered them up, brought them home and have treasured their little ancient histories. 

So, when I saw a young boy a couple of months ago literally trying to sell rocks out in front of his house, I had to take a look. What a surprise it was to see this beautiful fossil he had among his rocks. 

I bought it and brought this ancient treasure home. What a history it has to tell. How did they all get there together like this? 

Then, my neighbor had a yard sale this past weekend. I went and took a look. She had lots of random stuff from dishes to clothes on her front lawn, and tables filled with china and crystal. But among all of that, I found this.

Oh be still my heart! I couldn't believe the beauty of this ancient fish in this ancient rock. There was even a little fish on the back of it.

So I jumped for joy and brought this ancient beauty home with me. For me, fossils are poems in stone.

Monday, August 15, 2022

And So It Begins

 Fire season here in California. The first summer fires have been burning. One is burning about 40 miles (64 km) east of us. Our air is still clear, but I could see the light smoky skies already. 

This photo looks like an eastern view of a sunset sky. It's not. It's a mid-afternoon view of the smoke coming from the Six River Complex fire. We're hoping it will be contained sometime next week. As summer is drawing to a close, lots of people travel here to hike and go camping. Mistakes are made, fires are started. We wait to see what comes next. 

It's been pretty quiet here. We haven't been able to get out and walk very much because my osteoporotic hip has been giving me way too much pain to even walk a mile. I'm worried. Would I do surgery? Hip replacement? Crazy medications? I don't think so. Mmmm? 

So I'm amusing myself with things I see from the car window as we drive into and back from town on our simple errands.

We watched the painter creating this the other day. She was working on the third mandala at the bottom. On Sunday, as we drove by I clicked the photo. The world should be filled with the beauty of art like this. Wouldn't that be wonderful?

Thursday, August 11, 2022

After The Dentist

The best part of going to the dentist, really the only good part about going to the dentist here is that this is the view on our drive home.

We love the Mad River as it flows into the Pacific on a clear, warm, and beautiful sunshiny summer day. 

And what made it even better was watching one Harbor Seal as it headed back into the ocean while the rest slept peacefully on the beach in the summer sun. 

All of this almost makes going to the dentist a fun thing!

Monday, August 08, 2022

Skunks and Tomatoes

In the middle of the night last week I smelled a skunk in the yard. They often come around in the summertime and dig through our compost bin and yard. I didn't think anything of it until I went out the next morning to take a look at the garden. 

Wow! Something had been munching on our ripening tomatoes. Would a skunk do that? Well, I had to check the internet to find an answer. I was surprised. The answer was yes. Skunks will eat tomatoes. The next night, the skunk came back and munched on another almost ripe tomato. So, we harvested all the nearly ripe tomatoes and brought them in to ripen in the house.

There's the second skunk-damaged tomato just before we tossed it into the compost bin. We're hoping these almost-ripe tomatoes will taste as sweet as they usually do when they ripen on the vine. There are more out there that will need early harvesting soon. 

We won't let those little stinkers win! LOL! Have you ever had critters eat your tomatoes? We'd love to know.

In other garden news, we harvested the biggest potato we've ever grown.

That's our veggie harvest for one evening. Yum!

Friday, August 05, 2022

Time For A New Printer

I had a plan. I was going to pick out a photo of Roger that I had taken on one of our walks and hikes and print it for his birthday card. I make a birthday card for him every year. I found a photo that I loved. I went to print it. The printer would only print it black and white. It was crazy. So, I thought I'd experiment with other photos to see if the same problem would occur.

I chose this photo to print, an iridescent cloud I had photographed just a few days ago. It had some nice soft colors and plenty of blue. This is what the printer saw.

I took a screenshot of the print mode. That's a black and white pic of an iridescent cloud in a blue blue sky. Mmmm? 

So then we turned on our very, very old PC. Thought we'd give that a try to see if the printer would print in color from that old machine since they are of the same ancient era. Why yes it did. It printed in color. Mmmm?

So, we surmised that our brand new MacBook Air system updates made our old printer a dinosaur in this new age of computers.

Definitely time for a new printer now.... or I could start buying actual birthday cards. Hah!

PS Thank you all for your kind and thoughtful birthday wishes to Roger. We loved them. The best part of the internet!

Wednesday, August 03, 2022

It's My Birthday

 We make a big deal out of birthdays at the beginning of each decade. More so in early life and in old age it seems. the middle parts of life kinda slide by with less fuss. So here I am entering my eighties. I don’t feel any different than I did yesterday or the day before that. In some ways I am still every age I have been so far. My body does though give me evidence of my age with aches and pains and lately strange feelings in my head.

I am partial to Buddhist philosophy. part of which is stuff about living many lives, waking to a bigger picture with each life if things go well. Not sure what I think about that. I do though appreciate the advice to live the life we have with awareness of each moment. To be fully present in each moment.

One of my favorite philosophers, Allen Ginsberg, here demonstrates mindfulness


Sunday, July 31, 2022

An Agave Update

 It's been more than a month since I photographed Roger with the Agave flower. This is what the Agave looked like when we first saw it at the very end of May.

Then by mid-June it looked like this.

So out on our walk on Saturday I photographed Roger with the Agave once more.

We think it has gotten as tall as it's going to get, and the buds are starting to flower. Now we're waiting to see what happens next. 

We never did get to see what happened to this blooming Agave we saw in Captitola years ago. So, we'll finally see. You know we'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Pretty Clouds At Last!

Just that simple pretty sky moment. Blues skies and cumulus clouds (or not, I can't remember cloud names anymore, so I picked this one. LOL.)

I see funny things in the second photo. An "X" or a frowning face. How about you? See anything? 

Not much else going on. I did put up a post on Facebook completely unrelated to these sky photos that said: 

I hope you'll click on the above pic. It sparked a lot of comments. I was surprised that many people did not have morning prayer in public school the way I did back in the 1950s and early 1960s. Now I'm wondering if any of my blogging friends recited and read prayers in public school. 

In the face of everything going on these days, a beautiful sky day is the best balance and hope for sanity.