Monday, October 31, 2022

All I Do These Days


 We haven't been out walking much, and when we do go for walks it is just our little neighborhood one-mile loop. So, not many opportunities for sights to photograph and share here. The morning sunrises and evening sunsets are what call me out almost everyday. I did a screen shot of the photos I have downloaded from the iPhone to my computer. I didn't even open each photo to take a look, to admire its beauty, to think about a little tweaking to bring out all that I saw. This is just what is downloaded on to my computer in Photos.

That's life these days. I am so grateful for the beauty of our skies. I'm not going to mention politics and the utter insanity going on in the United States and everywhere else. I'm going to just run outside and look at the sky and hope for the best.

Monday, October 24, 2022

Halloween Webs

Our neighbors are gearing up for the coming Halloween fun. There are so many skeletons, ghosts, and spider webs everywhere.


These are just a few views on our little street. There are lots of other sticky, webby looking things all over town. Are you seeing lots of webby decorations where you live, or is it more smiling pumpkins and wicked witches on broomsticks?

We leave our Halloween decorations up to the real spiders here.

We think they do a great job decorating the fence. I would have liked if they had filled in that one space with a web, but I know they're doing the best they can. They are so reliably creative this time of the year. I do find their webs interesting. Have you ever seen them shaped like this? We think they look pretty ghostly.

I just hope we don't see any "real" ghosts here. So far we've been lucky, but you never know... BOO!

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

At Long Last...

 ... a beautiful sunrise. But before I show you that, I want to show you what the sky has looked like here for weeks.

That ball of light in the gray sky is the sun even though it looks like the moon. That was at 8:30 in the morning on October 13. That's what Humboldt County coastal fog looks like. Bleak hardly describes it. 

Then I opened the shades Tuesday morning at 7:30 and saw this. The sun had not yet risen above the coastal range, but there were those beautiful crepuscular rays and that wonderful color of sunlit orange clouds. I ran for the camera and shouted my gratitude to the universe.

A short while later the sky was a bit darker but still looked like it was lit by fire. There was even a gull flying by high in the sky in the morning light.  

We had blue skies all day on Tuesday. That may not seem like anything to write a whole post about, but after weeks of that gray, this was the best way to start the day. 


Monday, October 17, 2022

Our Anniversary Post


It was thirty years ago today
These two decided it was time to say
That they’d been in love for a while
And now they were going to say “I do” and smile
So may I introduce to you
The bloggers you’ve known for all these years…
Robin and Roger of the New Dharma Bums
Celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary.

 I hope you're singing Sgt Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club band when you read this post.  Here we were 30 years ago standing in the back yard in Capitola in our wedding clothes. We were such bare-footed goofballs. This can't really be called a wedding. It was a marriage ceremony tying two souls together who had fallen in love and helped mend each other's broken hearts. We're still goofballs and we're still in love.

If you'd like to read the longer story of our October 17th earthquake of love, here's a link to the post I wrote on the blog in 2005. If you haven't read it before, I hope you'll go and take a look. 

Friday, October 07, 2022

Random Photos For Friday

 Blogger wouldn't let me post this late yesterday for this morning's Friday post. So here it is, a little bit late, but still Friday!

Just when I was thinking that I had absolutely nothing to post here because of the days and days of bleak, gray, relentlessly boring weather... like this sky on Thursday morning...

 .... a few hours later the sky showed me this, and it made me so happy. 

Not just a heart, but an iridescent heart. I shouted out my gratitude to the universe. 

We went for a walk and had a good laugh too.

Oh yes, peace, brother, peace!

There were some creepy things too.

That hand looks so real. I hope no one in our neighborhood is missing one.

Monday, October 03, 2022

Spider Season

I looked at the tree behind our house and saw that it was covered in spider webs. I was so surprised to see this many. I thought I should check if there is such a thing as spider season in California. Interestingly, I found that September is truly the time for a lot of spider activity.

We went for our little neighborhood walk and saw this.

 Those spiders are definitely busy these days. We have noticed a lot of webs everywhere. 


In fact, I happened to walk into one when I went out to photograph these mushrooms popping up in our yard. I did not like all the sticky webby stuff on me, but I was really relieved that there wasn't a spider crawling on me... at least I didn't find one.

So, when I went out to check on the webs in the big tree on Sunday morning I found that they were gone, all of them. Not a single web was left in that tree. I have to believe that the spiders checked the calendar, saw that it was October and said, "We're out of here." And just like that, spider season was over.