Monday, November 28, 2022

Taking A Break

We've been walking past this pumpkin since Halloween. Whenever we walk by I think, this is our future, pumpkins just do it much faster than we do. It's an interesting view. 

Roger and I have been blogging here for 18 years. We love sharing our views of the world. For now we're going to take a break. Unless something truly stunning, amazing, spectacular, unusual, profound, or utterly mind-boggingly unique happens... we'll see you in 2023.  We'll keep reading your blogs and commenting. So we hope you'll keep at it, friends.

Have a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year! Thank you for stopping by.


Monday, November 21, 2022

Something We Never Thought We'd Ever Buy

Roger just placed an order online to have delivered to our house... a container of Fox Urine. Seriously. We ordered some fox pee. LOL! It's true. Here's why. 

Remember these cute furry critters that were living under our tool shed? Well they decided to move into a larger more spacious habitat...under our house. We are willing to put up with a lot of stuff to accommodate wildlife, but skunks living under our house does not fall into that category at all. I was talking with my twin brother about the skunks, and he told me that he had heard that people use Fox Urine to deter skunks.

Is that a real thing, we wondered? Why yes it is. Hardware stores carry it and even Amazon has it. So, our order of Fox Urine is on its way. 

We hope it will work and the skunks will move on to a fox-pee-free environment. We'll keep you posted.

Thursday, November 17, 2022

Prepping For The Holidays

For now prepping for the holidays means, "Should I get the latest Covid vaccine booster shot?" I've been thinking about it and thinking about it. Should I? Roger got his last week and was fine. But he was fine after all of his shots and boosters. I, on the other hand, get side effects that are a bummer. So, I wait, wonder, and worry. I just saw a headline in the San Francisco Chronicle that said Covid, Flu, and RSV spikes are straining hospitals, and it's hitting youngest children. It's holiday season and lots families are going to gather with children. We're expecting some young ones here in a few days. So, I'm wondering and worrying. Are you all fully boosted with the latest shots for the latest variants? How did you do?


Not much else going on here. It's been sunny warm blue sky days. We've been out doing our one-mile walk around the neighborhood saying hello to all the doggies, kitty cats, and humans we cross paths with.  There was a bit of a drizzly rain one evening at sunset and there was a sunset double rainbow. If you click on the pic and look at the lower left of the rainbow, you can see it as it reaches down through blue sky and white clouds. I loved that.

Oh one last thing I just remembered that I wanted to share here. I'm typing this post on my old MacBook Pro. My two-year old MacBook Air's battery decided that it didn't need to stay charged. The battery would drain down even though laptop was plugged in with the Power Adapter cord. This was quite annoying. So, I had a "chat" with an Apple Tech person who gave me some useful advice. I tried it. It worked for one day. The battery started to go down again. So, I chatted again with someone who said, "We'll send you a box for you to send the laptop back to us." So now I'm waiting for a box to arrive in a few days. In the mean time I am typing using a much older laptop that works just fine. Do you ever have problems with your computers? I'd love to know.

Hope all is well for you in your neck of the woods. Thank you for stopping by.

Friday, November 11, 2022

A Sweet Old Friendship

I heard from a dear sweet friend who I've known since our high school days more than 50 years ago. We don't get so see each other, and haven't for decades, but we keep in touch. She wrote to make sure Roger and I were okay because we hadn't posted on the blog in a while. She asked if I had been going out and looking at the sky.  Is there anything more loving and kind than having a friend of the heart from so long ago read our blog and worry when too much time goes between posts. I replied that we're okay and that life isn't very interesting and certainly not interesting enough to post about. I did send her two photos of recent sunrises here. 

So, with loving gratitude to Susanne a truly dear friend, here are the two sunrise photos I sent her. 

We're okay here, relieved by most, but not all of the election results and truly just glad that it's all over. We balance the times we are living in with the beauty of our planet, sweet friendships, the wonderful blogger world, and wine with dinner.

We hope all is well for you, dear friends. We thank you so much for stopping by.