Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Earthquake News

 Well it took an earthquake to get me to write something here on the blog.

The blog is where we've been keeping a record of the earthquakes here, so this is our news. At 4:18 in the afternoon on Tuesday a 4.6 quake shook us up a bit. It wasn't fierce or even scary while it was happening. Afterwards I always fear for something bigger to happen. Is this quake just letting off some steam or is it a precursor to an even bigger quake? Well, no answer to that question... yet. So far no major aftershocks. 

Other than that the weather has been mostly rainy and dreary. We're in for another week of rain according to the weather report, so there probably won't be anything to write about or share here. 

Hope all is well for you and that the weather where you are is beautiful and inviting for long walks in the sunlight. 

Thank you for stopping by. We still plan to resume blogging when something other than an earthquake inspires us. Take care, friends!