Monday, April 24, 2023

Beauty Is The Balance

The beauty of our skies is the balance to all else these days. I still run out every morning when the sky invites me with its rippling undulatus splendor. The birds are out early too. We keep an eye on each other while they dig for worms and seeds in the garden, and I click away with the iPhone pointed at the sky. 

Roger and I have been out working in the garden too. Planted potatoes on Sunday morning and picked some kale and chard for dinner. We plan to plant more carrot and string bean seeds, and we're waiting for zucchini and yellow squash starts to show up at the store. It's a little early for tomatoes, but we have two little starts already in the ground.

I plan to retake the driver license renewal test next week. I'm going to study all week and hope my brain retains some important bits of memory to pass it when I try. I'm trying not to panic or stress about all of this. I think about all the crazy drivers out there on the roads breaking speed limits, driving drunk, and doing all kinds of dangerous things... and they passed the test. The test is definitely not a measure of our ability to know and obey the rules. Until then, I'm hoping the sky and the beauty of our planet provides enough balance to my test-taking stress.

Friday, April 21, 2023

I Failed!

I took all the online driver license renewal practice tests on the state website. I passed them all. I made copies of my tests and checked them carefully. I read some of the handbook, but obviously not enough. I worked up the courage to go to the local California DMV office on Thursday morning. I filled out all my paperwork, had a scan of my thumbprint, and was sent to an available computer. I clicked all the stuff that confirmed who I really am and the computer checked my thumbprint. Yes, I am who I say I am. So, they let the test begin. Not a single question was familiar. They were all very complicated and more challenging than I had prepared for. I failed two tests and gave up... brokenhearted and forlorn. I know I am going to have to go through this again, or just give up having a driver's license. Let me tell you, I am pondering such a thing. I checked online about the difference between the practice tests and the real thing, and there are lots of conversations about that, and none of them are happy. 

So I remind myself of the pretty skies I have seen this month and how beauty can help balance discouragement. Roger and I go for our nice long walks. We say hello to all of our kind neighbors and I forget for a moment that I FAILED THE TEST. 

I'll keep you posted about how I proceed.

Monday, April 17, 2023

Testing Testing

I've been sidetracked for weeks studying for my Driver's License renewal test. It's been seven years since I took the written test, and now I have to take it again. The California Driver's Manual is 100 pages long and full of the most insane details about anything and everything that you can do with the car while you are driving, signalling, passing, or parking. I can hardly keep from falling asleep while reading this stuff. Then I take my practice test... uh-oh I'm too close to the car in front of me... uh-oh I didn't turn my headlights on half hour after sunset...  uh-oh I dimmed my high beams 300 feet instead of 500 when a vehicle was coming towards me. The details are keeping me up at night.  So far I've passed all the tests online, but I haven't taken the real one yet, the one that will grade me and decide if I'm worthy of a new license. I think I'm going to try that on Monday.  Wish me luck!

In the meantime I'm still running out to see what beauty the sky can show me. The other day I saw this iridescent cloud. I posted the photo on Facebook and my sister-in-law commented that she saw the profile of a lion's face. I'm so glad she pointed that out. What a lovely roaring surprise that was. 

Beauty is always the best balance to tests, stress, and the news of the world.